Yum Restaurant - DHA Lahore

Yum restaurant is a Chinese restaurant emerging chain which started off first in Gulberg and now in DHA Lahore.

Yum offers finest dining class of its own. It is an ‘A’ rated elite Chinese restaurant with delectable taste and good variety of cuisine.

The décor is cozy & cordial. The service is superb.

Chinese cuisine has been very favorite amongst  the Lahoris from the last more than 50 years.  The first Chinese restaurant was opened on The Mall in 1960s.. Later the Gulberg area in Lahore saw the mushrooming of Chinese restaurants.

I started my Chinese experience with Tai Wah Lahore which still stands there. For many years Hsin Kwang near the Empire Centre has been dominating in the Chinese restaurants’ domain.

Yum restaurant has now elevated the bar even higher. I think it is the most expensive Chinese restaurant in the town. It will roughly cost you Rs: 1500 per head depending upon what and how much you order. I think the price will probably be higher in most of the cases. For four persons you should easily expect a bill of around Rs: 7000 plus . But for those who can afford it, it is definitely worth trying.

Some of the very favorite dishes on their menu are butterfly fried prawns, chicken in garlic sauce and special Yum Chicken and of course the equivalent of famous B-19 soup (chicken, vegetable & mushroom soup), the egg fried rice, and chowmein.

In fact the interesting thing about Chinese cuisine is that most of the dishes are same in every restaurant with slight variation. It is the quality of taste which may differ. Yum provides the highest superb quality in its cuisine.

Yum in DHA is located in Z Block of Phase III. It is just behind the Barclay’s bank. It is in the same inner lane where Bundu Khan & Body Shop are located. The inner Z block is famous for many interested brands & shopping.

Yum in DHA has three vertical levels – the ground, mezzanine and the first floor. It has enough capacity, but usually is full on weekends. So it is better to plan to book it in advance in case you have a large group.

Yum also offers convenient parking as well as valet facility.

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