X2 Restaurant Lahore

X2 restaurant Lahore is a nice restaurant. It is a new breed restaurant with refreshing atmosphere. Primarily, it a Pan Asian cuisine offering, Chinese, continental as well as Pakistani dishes.

The location is very exclusive -  off MM Alam Road – behind the main Caltex petrol station. You can approach X2 from two ways either from the main MM Alam Road Gulberg – which will show you the direction signs leading to X2 restaurant (X2 has done a good job in providing the direction signs).  Or else you can also approach it from the Liberty Market Gulberg. While coming towards Hussein chowk, just after the petrol station , you will have to turn to left in the inner lane (where the old LUMS used to be housed in one bungalow).

The décor is nice. It is spacious from inside and has many separate small dining areas within it. The restaurant offers its own limited parking, but also offers the valet service for the convenience of the guests.

The service is prompt and attentive. The restaurant also offers the outside dining. This will add more beauty & style especially in the season of winters for those who love outdoors.

The name ‘X2’ is catchy and innovative as well as stylish. The only disadvantage is its deep end location, or sometimes it can turn into advantage for those who crave exclusivity.

Mostly, decent uptown and high end crowd is attracted to X2.  Lahoris are quick to try anything new. They crave diversity and variety. Chinese cuisine has become very popular in Lahore. There are lots of them and all are competing for their own market share. The cutting edge difference, of course, remains the element of ‘value addition’. Some of the important factors are improvement in taste, freshness, the décor, the service quality and of course the price competitiveness. Such factors can really help any restaurant to excel in its brand. X2 appears to have applied some of them. But for a better sustained judgment, the longer time will prove it.

We ordered Egg Fried rice, Garlic Fish, Fried Prawns, Special Chicken, and few more. The taste was good. The average price turned out to be appx Rs:1200/- per person.

Anyways, in a nutshell, the X2 restaurant Lahore is worth trying and you can judge it for yourself. After all taste buds do differ…

Brief Background:

X2 is owned by the earlier owners of Xinhua restaurant  in Lahore (Azam-ul Haq family). Renowned architect and city builder, Ayub Munir, has teamed up with the Haq family to produce an elegant piece of Art in the shape of X2 restaurant Lahore.

Designer Mahreen Haq has given the space an aura of the digital age with aesthetic use of multimedia.

X2 also offers private, social and corporate events from cocktail parties, galas and weddings to corporate events such as grand openings, product launches and annual meetings.  They can also personalize menus with a company logo, slogan or personalized message.

Contact Info:

Address: 102 C2, Gulberg 3, Near Hussain Chowk, Lahore, Pakistan.

(it can also be approached through MM Alam Road, Lahore)

UAN# 042 - 111 - 222 - 102

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