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VU Pakistan offers one of the Most Affordable Quality Education at the click of your Mouse

VU Pakistan is the first university based completely on modern Information and Communication Technologies. It was established in 2002.

It was established by the Government as a public sector, not-for-profit institution with a clear mission: to provide extremely affordable world class education to aspiring students all over the country. Using free-to-air satellite television broadcasts and the Internet, the Virtual University allows students to follow its rigorous programs regardless of their physical locations.

The Virtual University of Pakistan holds a Federal Charter, making its degrees recognized and accepted all over the country as well as overseas.

It has reached over sixty cities of the country with more than a hundred associated institutions providing infrastructure support to the students. Pakistani students residing overseas in several other countries of the region are also enrolled in the University's programs.

The Virtual University of Pakistan delivers education through a judicious combination of broadcast television and the Internet. VU courses are hand-crafted in meticulous detail by acknowledged experts in the field. Lectures are then recorded in a professional studio environment and after insertion of slides, movie clips and other material, become ready for broadcast. Course lectures are broadcast over free-to-air television and are also made available in the form of multimedia CDs. They can also be made available as streaming media from the Virtual University’s servers. The multiple formats allows for a high degree of flexibility for students who may view the lectures at a time of their choosing within a 24-hour period. Additionally, students can use the lectures to review an entire course before their examinations – a facility simply not available in the conventional face-to-face environment.

In addition to the prescribed texts, comprehensive reading material / lecture notes in the form of web-enabled content are provided through a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) hosted on the VU Web Servers and accessible over the Internet. The full power of hyperlinks is utilized for making the on-line experience a truly powerful one. The LMS also provides an e-mail facility to each and every student as well as discussion boards for interaction within the VU community.

Main Academic Programs at VU Pakistan

  • MS
  • Masters
  • Bachelors
  • Diploma
  • Specialization
  • Short Courses


The fee depends upon the courses or program you choose for admission. But normally it may range from Rs: 1000 to 7000 per month.

The Course Burden

The learning can be done at home or even going to the main campus or the nearby campus of VU Pakistan.

Though it is not that rigorous as it may be in any other foreign good university or even in LUMS, but it offers a reasonably good quality. The books are very precise and cover the main subject area in 45 lectures. If you learn and master these 45 lectures, you can easily get through with good grades.

There are periodic assignments and quizzes throughout the term which you can easily attempt sitting at home with your computer. One term is about 3 months long with 45 lectures.

But for Mid Term examination and the Final Term examinations you will have to go to the selected VU center. The exam will be all computer based but strictly invigilated.  No paper work involved.

You also have the facility of making your own date sheet before the exams. It is really an exciting way of studying – completely out of box compared to what other paper based colleges or universities are doing.

For this matter, the students need to be good at computers. If you fear computers and technology, then VU may not be for you.

It has given many benefits especially to the remote areas in Pakistan who find it hard to travel to main cities to study. Now everyone of any age, male or female can get admissions sitting at home. One just needs to know the computer and have one computer at home.

For more details, you can contact VU at:


Tel: +92 (42) 111 880 880

Fax: +92 (42) 99200604 

Fax: +92 (42) 99202174


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