Tourism in Lahore

Tourism in Lahore offers variety of places to visit and cherish. Lahore is an historic city with rich heritage which was ruled earlier by many empires - Moguls, Hindus & British. I see Lahore in broadly three parts - there is an old walled city Lahore, then there is outer downtown Lahore and then there is uptown Lahore. It has spread in many parts towards south & north.

Tourism has always been a source of attraction for many Pakistanis living in other cities of Pakistan as well as for foreigners who come to visit Lahore.

If you come to Lahore there are many interesting places to visit and to know about them…

Walled City Lahore

  • Old walled city of Lahore was built by Moguls. It originally had 13 gates. People still live inside these gates alleys.

Lahore museum

  • Built during the British Raj – offers many interesting things to see

Lahore Zoo

  • Built during British Raj- very spacious and variety of animals.


  • Historic place for Pakistan resolution

Lahore Fort

  • The legendary place for the Mogul central hub in Lahore.

Badshahi Mosque

  • The pinnacle of Mogul architecture is on display…

Wazir Khan Mosque

  • When was the last time, you saw it... 

Lahore Railway Station

  • Built during the times of British Raj, still considered to be the largest railway station in Pakistan

Mall Road Lahore

  • An iconic shopping area built during British times still stands with its own unique robustness & vibrancy…

Aitcheson College Lahore

  • It was also called Chiefs’ College at some point of time because most of the elite and British family students used to study. It is like a city within a city.

Government College Lahore

  • Originally and famously known as GC Lahore was one of the prime contributions in education with quality institution which still enjoys the same reputation.

National College of Arts

  • One of the very interesting contributions in the field of Arts…

Tourism in Lahore, of course offers many more places which we will keep on adding…

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Lahore Tour and Tonga ride  Not rated yet
In 2008 Adil Lahorei formed Adil Lahorei Cultural Club (ALCC) with the vision to promote old traditions and cultures amongst not only the locals but foreign …

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