The Autumn Yard

by Hamid Ali

Autumn Yard is a recent addtion to the ever growing list of restaurants in Lahore. What I found so unique about this place, is its simplicity and its theme adhering beautifully to its already elegant name.

A good choice of paintings along with a fresh aroma, add to the serenity of the place. Fake grass on entrance and a fense surrounding an area whose roof is covered with tree branches, makes you feel like you are in a season that only covers merely a month in Lahore.

Moving on to the food, they have a perfect selection within their menu. Some restaurants have very less options, while some menus make you confused with their options, but this one offered a few dishes and deciding upon them was pretty easy.

The first time I visited the place I ordered Chilli Corne Fries as appetizers, which was a dish quite unique as the fries were mixed with a delicate sauce and minced beef giving them an appetizing taste.
Next, the Chef Special steak had a tingy taste due to red bull, and a smell of bar b q sauce that was tantalizing to my taste buds. The best thing about this beef steak was that it was cooked to perfection. Not many restaurants serve you a steak at the right temperature you are wishing its core to be. I ordered medium well, and it was juicy at the centre and well cooked from the outside.

But the best part is yet to come, in desserts, I ordered the Chocolate Skillet Brownie. This was a chocolate brownie covered with, hot chocolate sauce in a skillet, and served with vanilla ice cream. Something truly amazing. The Bread & Butter pudding, along with Apple Crumble Pie were also good.

Before I end this review, I have to appreciate their service too which was inch perfect.

Definitely recommended for anyone who loves an exquisite dining experience.

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