TAC School Lahore

TAC School - Passing on the Lantern!

When, I passed by the TAC school in Johar Town. I was not only impressed but amazed by the ambiance the manicured lawns, the meticulously clean classrooms, the discipline in the students, and their involvement in extracurricular activities. It gave me a feeling of quite a high brand in expensive league like LGS and Beacohouse brands.

Then I got a chance to meet the soul behind the body, General (Retired) Maqbool, the founder of the TAC School concept.

The visionary leader is trying to make a difference in his own special and humble way and not even making a sound out of it. The fee structure is Rs. 5/- per month. Yes you read it right it is just five rupees for the whole month.

This is an English medium school with very high standards. How do they do it? It is of course not less than a magician feat. It seems like a magician touch.

More than 16 years ago, in 1998, Gen Maqool after his retirement from armed forces had a vision. And he invested not only his financial resources but his heart soul into establishing The Help Care Society (THS).  15 years of dedication and commitment coupled with one vision, he wanted to create a difference in the lives of the under privileged. The most visible difference, he could make was to impart the quality education to the under privileged of Pakistan, so that they can become a part of the educated society with respect and dignity.

 The Help Care Society (THS), is a foundation and Trust, which in turn came up with its own brand of TAC school system to achieve the vision.

The school system is unique in many ways. It only takes pupils in nursery class, once a year. It takes pupils only from the under privileged segments of our society who cannot afford expensive quality English medium education. But at the same time, the criterion of intake is very strict.

They interview not only the little student but the parents as well. The aim is to establish how much the parents are serious about educating their children.

The students are mostly from the under privileged segments of our society which include, children of drivers, cleaners, house servants, clerical staff, security guards etc. They are from the families who have not been able to get good education in the past. Their children can now have the opportunity to change the culture, environment and destinies of their household.

The student of TAC school system of the Johar Twon branch now have gone to big leagues colleges and universities of Pakistan including, Govt college, Kinnaird College, LUMS and many more.

After the success of Johar Town campus, TAC School system was approached by DHA Lahore to collaborate and start its second branch in DHA Lahore. This was also a great challenge which was accepted by The Help Care Society and TAC School. The second branch of the school started functioning in phase IV of DHA Lahore in 2013. Purpose built school premises were provided by DHA Lahore.

Now TAC school DHA campus has also started picking up and growing. Their two batches have started from nursery, and are gradually progressing. They are following their own quality standards to make their difference in their little lives of their kids, even its just two cents.

TAC school system puts a lot of emphasis on equal admission of both genders (male & female).

Famous Ghanaian scholar Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey (1875-1927), one of this century's greatest educators once commented, “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation”

TAC School system indeed is creating a positive difference in our society; we need such heroes and visionaries to turn our fates for the better future.

Their key objectives are:

To provide enabling environment for contemporary socio-academic and professional education to prepare "TAC Children" to enter the future market place with dignity and confidence.

To impart and inculcate high moral, balanced religious and ethical values.

To inculcate a sense of duty towards the family, society and the country.

To provide appropriate socio-cultural skills and opportunities, enabling them to merge into the national mainstream.

To develop self esteem, confidence and belief in themselves.

End Objective

To enable "TAC Children" to emerge as role models and positive agents of change in the family, neighborhood and the society at large

Teach A Child (TAC) School at Lahore was the 'first' and till Oct 2012, the only institution of the educational program of 'The Helpcare Society (THS)'. TAC School's concept revolves around the core idea of 'Privileged Education for the Underprivileged'. TAC School System's mission is 'to enable and empower the 'TAC Children', by providing them opportunities to be equipped with competitive education, to join the social mainstream. Competitive education implies 19-20 years' of quality centric education, from nursery to professional university degree.

Over the past 14 years, TAC has made sincere efforts to provide conducive environment for the development of a balanced and an enlightened personality - aware of rights and obligations as a responsible member of society and a Pakistani. End objective is " to enable them to grow up as role models and positive agents of change in the family, neighborhood and the society at large".

To evaluate own measure of success, external evaluations have been conducted. To date, five impact/ analysis studies have been undertaken on TAC's concept and performance by Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) under its LUMS-McGill Social Enterprise Development Program. A study carried out by the students from Lahore School of Economics (LSE) has also been published in a book edited by Iqbal M.Khan, titled, " Leading Social Entrepreneurs of Pakistan".

Each class is identified by the year of induction and the year of completion of educational cycle at the end of 19 years, i.e. Class of 1998-2017 - the first entry who joined TAC at the age of 4 to 5 years is identified as the Class of 1998-2017. Having completed 14 years of schooling, the first batch joined the universities and colleges in 2012. THS has signed up as the academic guardian for the professional education. In 2017, they will, God Willing, complete their professional education from universities and colleges at the age of 23-24 years and, hopefully, will commence a new phase of their life for a better future for themselves and their families.

THS offers a hope to the children of the less privileged yet equally ambitious families to grow in socio-academically conducive and enabling environment. THS is striving to be a centre of excellence- a citadel of "Dreams" and "Resolve". It is innovative and unique in its undertaking where it promises to offer an opportunity, to study from Nursery to Post-graduation professional studies, to the excluded segment of our society.

Though small in size today, its concept and vision is infinitely relevant to our nation as well as to a large part of the globe. THS seeks encouragement and support, against verifiable performance, to consolidate it's humble initiative thus enabling it to undertake wider responsibilities in the future.

Keep on passing the lantern, TAC School.


100 students ( 50 each at Johar Town Campus & at DHA Campus per year. It is planned to incrementally increase the intake at DHA Campus to 100 in next two years)

Age between 4 and 5 years

One child form one family policy.

SATIP (Siblings at TAC Incentive Program). It is an incentive for good performance over 5 consecutive years by the students and their parents, to become eligible to apply for the second child.

WIP (Wards' at TAC incentive Program). It is meant for the teachers and other staff members to apply for the admission of their children at TAC for the duration of their stay with the institution.

Selection Criteria

Economic merit based on "clean, well defined and verifiable source of income. 
Ground verification is an essential part for the confirmation of economic status. "Poorer the better" is fundamental to economic merit. However, economic merit is only one of the three factors.

Parental merit to support the dictates of quality education is determined. Over the years, parental attitudes, abilities and commitment have assumed greater importance.

Competitive intellectual merit through professional IQ testing based on SIT and VMI

"Economic and "intellectual" merits are merged to draw out "combined" merit.

Board of Governors, Ground Verifiers and senior management constitute the final selection board.

Board's approval is followed by an entry test. The score is simply added to arrive at the final merit list.

Top 100 ( 50 at each campus) students are picked up to embark upon a 19 years long journey.


TAC School Features

Free education . Students pay a dignity fee of Rs.5 ( US Cents 5) per month.

'O' Level (Cambridge International Examination ) / Matric streams & FSc ( National Curriculum) (14 years of education in school campus)

Planned up to professional level ( 14 years in school, 5 years at universities and colleges). Till the completion of the first cycle, to be completed after 19 years when the students will become professionally empowered, program at TAC will remain an experiment. The program has completed the first cycle of 14 years of school education and has entered the professional phase at universities and colleges in 2012.After another 4 years, the concept, having run its full course, will, gain full maturity to become a model.

The first entry ( Class of 1998-2017 ) has entered the professional phase in the following institutions: a. LUMS ( Lahore University of Management Sciences ) b. LSE ( Lahoe School of Economics) c. Kinnaird College University for Women d. FC College University e. FAST-University of Emerging Sciences f. The Univesity of Education, Lahore g. LGU ( Lahore Garrison University) h. SKANS- Institute of Accountancy

Value education (Tarbeeat / Grooming )

Two pairs of complete uniform including shoes and undergarments ( 9 items) at the time of induction.

Best available text books and full range of stationery.

Physical development and sports facilities

Periodic medical check up, first aid and preventive medical care.

Contact Details

95-A, Block A/3, Johar Town,
Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: 92-42-35168904
Mobile: 92-300-8477429 
Fax: 92-42-35169587 
E mail: 

Contact Person

Head of Students Affairs   +92-42-35168904

Management Executive     +92-42-35170501
(Corporate Affairs)           +92-42-35168904

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