Shiraz Uppal Returns To Music

Shiraz Uppal has been a veteran & successful musician from Lahore for several years. He abandoned the Music industry in Feb 2012 thinking that it probably was not right according to the religious norms and secondly he felt that he lacked the inner peace.

But even after quitting he continued to lack inner peace. So one thing perhaps proved that the lack of inner peace was not due to making music. It was something else. In addition he kept on thinking that actually the talent which he had for music making certainly was not the creation of himself. It was also God given. So he again embarked on his soul searching phase to review his earlier decision.

Besides, he went to US and stayed there for sometime and found that in all 52 states, music is also being used as a therapy for curing patients. This gives the thoughts that how come a bad thing can do good to humanity. He coincidently also found a chance to perform in the World Peace Concert along with famous musician & composer A. R. Rahman.

He performed two qawwalis with A. A.R. Rahman – ‘Faya Kun…’ and ‘Khawaja…’. He sang them superbly. We can see the Shiraz's talents clearly with his passion and intensity performing  with A. R. Rahman who is one of the legends in Asian Music industry.

If you want to watch him perform, please click here – Shiraz Uppal & A..R .Rahman

Such milestones made him think that music perhaps is not to blame. But it is the use or misuse by the person.

Finally Shiraz in December has retuned back to music with his conscious decision.

Shiraz Uppal had earlier sold off his all music related things including his studio. Well now he will have to re-invest to get back on its feet again.

The next course of action is left to the artiste who will see what suits him best.

In my opinion, such big decisions which require transformation should be done with good deliberation and contemplation and knowing fully about yourself. Decision done in haste may sometimes put people in difficult position later.   At the same time, I d do agree that such moments can come to anyone and we all do our haste decisions as well. It’s not a matter of what’s right or wrong in general. Its matter of what is right and wrong for the individual. Because one right for one individual may not the same right for the other.

If I take the example of Junaid Jamshed. It seems that he is happy with his decision for quite several years. The important part is that he is happy in the new state. So that probably is right for him.


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