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The Movie Review of Shamitabh is written by Mihnas Meghani

Shamitabh - What is the Verdict...

R. Balki the director, who also wrote and directed films like Cheeni Kum and Paa, in the past, has already proved his liking for the novelty factor in stories, he likes to bring to celluloid. So from the very first scene it intrigues your attention.

The story starts with people talking about a star. The media, the celebrities; everybody’s going nuts after this new talent in the film industry. The media is waiting for him to show up at a press conference, then the star of the evening, the protagonist, Shamitabh (Dhanush) comes with a spot light. A complete BOLLYWOOD HERO-TYPE entry. With dialogues, that remind you of old Amitabh movies, a lot of questions come to your mind, like; Who is this guy they all are going crazy for? How has this guy achieved so much in Bollywood, despite his unconventional looks? And the biggest question… Why the hell does he sound like ‘Amitabh Bachan’? Yes he talks as if Amitabh has dubbed for him.

But trust me, this is just the beginning. As Shamitabh, with a charming personality, answers all the questions of the press and the story moves back and forth, telling you how he’s reached so far, starting from a small town, the curiosity is built further and you are tantalized after regular intervals to what’s going to happen next. You keep getting answers to all your questions as the story unfolds. Having said that, there are lots of moments in the movie when you completely forget to think and just feel the agony, or the joy and gaiety, or the vexation of the characters you see on screen. This vexation thing happens in one of the scenes when Dhanush wants to apologize to the media but he’s not able to say that, instead he ends up saying ‘AGAR AAP MAIN SE KISI KO BHI TAKLEEF PUHANCHI HAI, TOU MUJHE GHANTA FARQ PARTA HAI’.

The scene when Amitabh swears from each English alphabet, A to Z to show his frustration, or the scene when he talks to Robert De Niro’s picture on a bus has enormous intensity. The scene where Akshara refuses to kiss Dhanush and calls him a monkey, tickles you as well. Two things that impress you the most, apart from plot, are dialogues and the apt casting.

Hats off to all the three main actors; Amitabh Bachan (as a drunkard and drifter), Dhanush (as a struggler and a star) and Akshara Haasan (an Asst. Director and Shamitabh’s friend). Good support lent by rest of the cast as well.

Full marks to R. Balki for the story. He is also very smart as a director and knows exactly how to engage the audience and move the story, however the length of few scenes after the intermission can test your patience, and the overall movie length i.e. 2 hour 30 minutes could be easily cut by 20 minutes, but we can’t blame the editor of the movie, Hemanti Sarkar for that.

The Cinematography is also impressive in few of the scenes. The music gels well with the story, taking it forward. Ishq-e-Phillum and Sha Sha Sha Mi Mi Tabh sets the mood for the film while Piddly si baatein (sung by Amitabh himself) is most fun to listen to and the funniest in the movie.

By the time it reached the climax, I was a little too worn out to completely absorb the emotions the climax was supposed to bring. It’s really sad to see that even a story that is constructed around such a quirky and original premise with first-rate performances couldn’t be saved by this malediction of the second half.

Overall, the ingenuity and the performances win your heart. You just can’t miss it!

Written by Minhas Meghani

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