Sardara Machli in Defence Lahore

The original Sardara Machli (Fish) historically existed in down town Mozang Lahore, which is still existing and thriving.  However, there is new shop in the Defence phase1 also.  We don’t know whether it’s the branch of the same owner or the new one. Interestingly and surprisingly, the defence branch claims it is the branch of the same original, whereas the original claims that they don’t have any branches.

Well, let’s leave the legal matter behind and talk more about the food & fish. The fish taste is really good in the defence branch. We have tried the two kinds of fish - Balm Fish and Rahoo Fish. Definitely the Balm Fish takes a good score. They fry the selected pieces live in front of the customer. And gives you by weight which is around Rs: 450 per kg. (may be slightly +/-, since I am not good in remembering the rates, excuse me for that)

The winters are good time to have it and taste it. They give you a good sauce customized for Fish. But the nan (bread) is not that good, nor they have any tandoor with them. They also bring the nans (bread) from some other shop if you really want the roti or nans with the fish. But it is recommended that you buy your nans or rotis from somewhere else which you like better, since Sardara Machli is good only in one thing that is Fish.

We have also tried Rahoo Fried Fish, The taste was Ok but it has many thorns inside its body and its really hard work to eat that fish, but the taste is tender.

In Balm Fish you find mostly one big spine bone with some associated bones. It’s much easier and somehow much tastier than the other.

The defence branch also has the sitting arrangement for families in case if someone is interested to have fresh and hot from the live cooking station. But in defence you hardly find any family having it there. Most of the folks just go for the take away order and enjoy it at their homes, since most of them are the residents of Defence Lahore.

All good things come at a price. For this fish we have to pay two kinds of price the money as well as some careful effort to enjoy this meal.

I would rate this restaurant 3.5 on 5, purely on the taste. Enjoy it…

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