River Ravi Development Zone Project (RDZP)

River Ravi Development Zone is going to be another marvel in the city of Lahore…

The lack of ideas is graver curse than the lack of resources.  All nations can improve their own fates if they start using their minds and be sincere to what they do.

It is good to witness some positive and big happenings going within Lahore.

The talk of Ravi Development Zone Project is very much in the news with very ambitious project and based on and innovative thought and ideas.

8 lakhs acres of land is being acquired on both sides of river Ravi. It will be 33 km long stretch. It is going to be a new city within a city with defined zones for  residential and commercial areas including the high rises. Another interesting feature is that additional airport at Sharaqpur is also being planned which will fall close to this new development. It is going to be huge development for the future of Lahore.

River Ravi will be cleaned up and new embankments will be erected on both sides. It is going to be new modern city within Lahore.

The project is currently in initial planning stage in 2014. No official features and specifications have been released yet. The consultants local and foreign are being contacted to complete the planning stage. According to one estimate the project is going to be Rs.700 billion project.  The financing options are also being explored. The new development will also have its own sustainable energy generation.

Whatever is coming in the media about River Ravi Development Zone project is all very good for the future of Lahore. The biggest challenge which remains is in its actual execution and completion. As it said, ‘there is many a slip between the cup and lip’. One good thing about this project is that Punjab government is not jumping the gun to blow its own trumpet. They are not officially launching or promoting it in any big  way yet, unless they complete the initial planning and viability stage, which is very wise approach.

Since we all Pakistanis have inherited the psyche of doubting everything mainly due to frequent change of leadership and their role for this country. We still don’t know what the inner workings behind these big projects are.  But on the saner and positive side, it is good to believe that the project will bring lots of employment, appreciation of Lahore city and a pride for its country.

But project s of such magnitude has not seen good fate in the past. But we do hope that this project does get completed and uplifts the Lahore in totally breakthrough manner. What is important is the commitment by its leaders from conception to reality. For all others ‘seeing is believing’.


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