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Every professional person in this world considers his or her work life very seriously and always desires the right change, upward growth coupled with monetary benefits. Yet at the same time, mostly, it is surprising to note that when it comes down to writing the resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV), that seriousness gets evaporated and more of casual attitude takes over to write the resume in a hurry with a non-professional approach.

There are thousands of resumes & CVs which are received at various head hunters’ offices and different companies directly on daily basis. Most of them are not even read because of the poor quality of the resume writing. Probably the person behind that rejected resume might have done brilliant things in his or her work. Since at first stage, there are neither faces nor any person speaking and explaining, there are only written words created with the good look or the bad look.

It is now an established knowledge that a good quality resume is in fact the first stepping stone to knock on the employer’s door and make him open it.

Lahore Beat Press has researched, complied & published a very brief eBooklet on resume writing tips. It is concise and precise and gives you the high level knowledge & framework which you should keep in mind while writing your next resume.

This eBooklet does not intend to provide the specimens or samples of resumes, which you can get easily online. This is more about setting the right mindset.

Resume writing has gradually evolved into a proper science, but at the same time writing well is an art too. One has to wear both hats together to write a good resume which your prospective employers will value.

Many people still don’t know the real difference between Curriculum Vitae & Resume, so we find it appropriate to start this eBooklet with this first part.

This little ebooklet - 'Plain & Simple - Resume Writing Tips' has 9 parts in just 22 pages.  This will help you to provide the general and high level tips to develop the right mindset.

Part 1:  Difference Between Curriculum Vitae & Resume Writing

Part 2:   Importance of Writing A Cover Letter for Your Resume

Part 3:   Executive Resume Should be Different than the ...

Part 4:   Various Types of Resume Formats

Part 5:   The Advantage of an Online Resume

Part 6:   Make Yourself A Viable Candidate with Your Resume

Part 7:   Some Common Resume Writing Mistakes

Part 8:   Creative Resume Writing 

Part 9:   Get Help to Update Your Resume

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