Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Music Concert in Defence Club Lahore

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Defence Lahore

Just one day before the last day of 2012, on 30th  December, 2012, the residents of Defence Lahore had a great treat when Defence club Lahore in J sector organized an evening with Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

It was a great show and great performance and a superb response by the defence residents who had assembled in thousands.

The evening was cold & chilly. It was organized in the open but with proper arrangement of fully covered tents and heaters. It went well & comfortable. But the chairs started becoming short in the end since more & more people started pouring in. But overall it was a well organized event.

Khan Saheb performed some of his best songs from Bollywood as well as Pakistani somg numbers. People gave big applause and participation. Rahat Ali was really impressed with the response form the audience and commented that not even in New York he experienced such a lively audience.

The other interesting and unique thing about this show was that Rahat Fateh Ali also introduced his son Shah Zaman Khan on the stage and made him participated in two of his songs together. It was sweet and cute to see his young son probably 11 or 12 years old to perform with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan on the stage.

Some of the popular songs sung by Rahat Fateh Ali were:

  • Teri Ankhoin say...
  • Degaa baaz reh…
  • Many more…

It’s not fully confirmed but it is generally understood that Rahat Fteh Ali normally takes about 40 to 50 lacs for one such show. He has grown into an international personality. He has performed worldwide in US, Middle East, Europe and many more places and of course India from where he got the big boost from the Bollywood Industry.

The artiste is extremely talented and inherited a big name brand of Nusrat Fateh Ali behind him as well as his own talents and luck which has made him progressed to an extremely high level. It is indeed a good pride for Pakistan.


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