Movie Race2

Overall the movie Race2 was good  - well made movie with very good special effects and one liner dialogues. The movie also had lots of adult language content. Parents are cautioned before taking the children along.

The cast was improved. John Abraham was at his best, so was the Saif Ali Khan, Deepika as well as Jacqueline.

The plot of course was about the smart & clever under world dawns and their unique ways to make lots of money.

Deepika acts as the sister of under world wrestler – turned Don – Armaan Malik (John Abraham).

In the past backdrop – Imraan Malik has killed the Saif’s girl friend – Bipasha for money. Saif is now on  a revenge mission and wants to destroy Armaan Malik financially. Eventually Deepika the sister - changes her loyalties in favor of Saif when she comes to know that his own brother Armaan tried to kill her.

There were good action sequences – the chase scene of Saif Ali Khan running after the assassin was brilliantly picturized. The wrestling scene was also good with very hard hitting and believable knocks. The Museum theft sequence was also well composed & directed. The last plane fight was also brilliantly directed & picturized

There were quite many twists & turns in the movie. The movie had a very high entertainment value.  The production quality was very good.

The only flip side is that the characters are not very developed deeply – which is Ok since the movie plot was more of entertainment oriented. There was no much room for any development of love story either in deep manner. Although the hero & heroin were Saif & Deepika but due to the characters setting it was more of ultra modern free style – no strings attached love life.

The music & songs were well composed and all hit numbers. Atif Aslam has again sung a beautiful song ‘Be Intiha’ . Almost all the songs are club dance numbers with racy beats and hip hop and are picked up fast in humming along.

The movie was stylish throughout the run time. The Director has done a good job to provide a very good entertainment.


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