Pani Da Rang Vekh Ke...

It’s a beautiful song in Punjabi – Pani Da Rang Vekh Ke …

It is not a part of the blockbuster big banner movie. But this song was made for an Indian Movie Vicky Donar starring Ayshman Khurrana – a talented versatile host, anchor, actor and singer, composer & songwriter.

The song was personally written & composed by Ayushmann and his friend several years (10 years) back in their college days. Since then it remained with them as their very personal memory. Now they had this opportunity to make that memory into a memorable melody for the whole world to listen to.

The song has very good deep lyrics which really move you. But certainly it has its limitation of the language. Most part is in Punjabi. Only those who are good to understand Punjabi can enjoy to listen to it.

Punjabi itself has many dialects in different cities of the Punjab. This dialect is typical of ‘theth Punjabi’ of Indian Punjab. Although some words may be difficult to understand but generally one can get the overall feel of this song very right – Pani Da Rang …

Music has its own creativity. Any words whether your personal memories or hummed melodies can be converted into great melodies with the good know how of the music. Those talented in this field have this magic wand with them to present the words into lyrical melodies with music for the world to enjoy.

The song has been sung by many other artistes. One very recently famous version has been sung by Bhavya Pandit as an unplugged lounge remix version. It is very unique and interesting to listen to.

Bhavya  has sung it beautifully with very deep involvement and with her beautiful voice.

I provide below the two versions of the song. The first one is the actual from the movie Vicky Donar starring Ayushmann Khurrana and the second one is the unplugged version by Bhavya Pandit.


This below version is sung by Bhavya Pandit:

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