Orange Line Metro 

Orange Line Metro Rail turning into Reality!

The Orange Line Metro Rail Transit System is no more a dream; it is fast becoming a reality soon.

The PDWP – Provincial Development Working Party, Punjab, has approved the project at the cost of Rs: 162.62 Billion (USD 1.6 Billion).  Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has already signed the agreement of Lahore Metro Rail with China on Pakistan’s behalf for construction of the project. It will be 27 kilometer long rail line with mostly elevated mass transit system. It is aimed to facilitate the commuters’ movement in the city.

It will connect Raiwind, Multan Road, Mcleod Road, Lahore Junction railway station and the Grand Trunk Road. It will be the first line of the Lahore Metro, which is country's first mass rapid transit train system.

It will be financed and developed by the Chinese Government as a part of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor through the Exim Bank of China. The corridor will be capable of accommodating two trains running both up and down the track, ferrying up to 30,000 passengers per hour.

Chinese government is entrusted for designing, construction and operation of the orange line and the estimated completion time is 27 months. The governments of Pakistan and China in May 2014 signed an agreement to start an Orange Line Metro Train project. 

This project is under construction and is expected to be completed by March 2018.

Project Details

The Orange Line Metro will run on a 27.1-kilometer track, of which 25.4 kilometers will be elevated. The service will initially benefit around 250,000 passengers a day. The capacity will be increased to 500,000 passengers a day by 2025. Shahbaz Sharif on the occasion said like the Metro Bus Service, the metro train would also be run in other cities after Lahore. “The metro train will revolutionize the way people travel as it will make the commute trouble-free.”


The project is in the planning stage. A precise map of the project is not available but the proposed routes that will be covered by the project are as follow:

  • Ali Town
  • Niaz Baig
  • Canal View
  • Hanjarwal
  • Wahdat
  • Awan Town
  • Sabzazar
  • Shahnoor
  • Salahudin
  • Bund
  • Samanabad
  • Gulshan-e-Ravi
  • Chauborji
  • Lake Road
  • Lakshami
  • railway station
  • Sultanpura
  • University 
  • Baghbanpura
  • Shalimar Gardens
  • Mint
  • Mahmood
  • Islam Park
  • Salamatpura
  • Dera Gujran

Stay tuned for more in the coming months…


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