Emerging New Lahore Fashion Designers

Budding Breed of New Lahore Fashion Designers! 

Get ready all those fashionistas! New Lahore Fashion Designers have started climbing up. Fashion industry is coming of age in Lahore. Though it has been active in many elite circles since the times of British Raj, but the current times have now opened up and liberalized the fashion sense in the common masses.  It is no more only limited to some elitist circle with foreign exposure.

The credit goes to the indigenous fashioner designers who have completely changed the outlook of the fashion industry and have made their names known internationally with good quality work comparable to any foreign brand in the world.

Pakistan has an advantage in its demographics when it comes to developing any business model. Majority of the population is in its youth (16 – 35). The fire of fashion has picked up in this segment even in other ages as well, irrespective of the background, financial resources and other means. The young women now are keen to find stuff which is designer made or ‘near to designer stuff’.

With these trends, the demand for designer brands have increased manifold. This has created a lot of room for many more talented women to enter in this budding as well as maturing fashion industry.

We may all be aware of the big names like HSY, Maria B, Sana Safinaz, Elan, Kamiar Rokni, Amir Adnan, Junaid Jamshed, Origins, Mausaummery,  Gul Ahmed and more. But at the same time, there are now hundreds of others either fresh from the colleges or housewives talented with fashion sense. They are doing excellent work and are making their way up incrementally and intelligently. Some of them have developed their clientele not only in Pakistan but internationally as well – US, UK, Canada, and Middle East. They have selected their own niches – bridal, prêt, cotemporary, or professional. They indeed are doing good job. The most important selling point is their price competitiveness.  The same outfit from the big name which may range in several thousand rupees can be bought from such fashioners at one third of the price. So all those women, who desire the value for money are being naturally drawn to this second tier of the fashion designers.

Just as an example, the big brand prêt outfit can easily range from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 30000. But if you happen to know some good talented budding fashion designer, you may get it ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000. (almost one third of the price or sometimes less).

In addition to the big brand names, LahoreBeat has also started finding those talented budding new Lahore Fashion Designers who are contributing positively to this industry with their good quality work and making their names known silently and incrementally. Many of these are operating from homes; few also have established their own small commercial setups as well.


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