Movie Tamasha Review

A Must Watch - Movie Tamasha!

The movie Tamasha starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Pudukone is another addition to writer and director Imtiaz Ali’s signature style of filmmaking.

With past movies like Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal, Rockstar and Highway  etc, the signature style of Imtiaz Ali can be very well determined which shows a very distinctive movie making with high caliber and intellectual thought provoking style. The tone and mood are mostly modern and contemporary and always with good sound track and music by A. R. Rahman.

Movie Tamasha has been made with a purpose in mind and to show something with new angle although explored before - The concept of ‘self discovery’.

Personally I have always been very fond of this concept. I strongly believe that self discovery is very important in living a self fulfilling life.

The movie broadly has two parts in two halves. The first part explores the carelessness and recklessness of two characters in Corsica France where two strangers meet and decide to remain strangers but indulge in all carelessness and free spirited life and had a blast of their lifetime.

Later, the girl Tara (Deepika) and Ved (Ranbir) return back to India and start living their separate lives for few years. But the girl could not ever take the boy out of her head. She somehow keeps waiting for someday to see him again.

And finally they do see each other , both are apparently pleased and start meeting again.  And one day the boy (Ranbir) finally wants to propose her with a diamond. But she pauses and refuses. It falls very badly on him and he just could not understand and absorb it. Upon exploration of this reason, the girl plainly tells him that he is no more the same person whom she met in Corsica.

This starts the bad internal struggle and pulls the wrong chords inside the boy character who was not ready to listen to that and wondered what and how he has changed and who he really was and who he is now.

The movie Tamasha has its moments, it’s high and lows, and both seasoned actors have done well with roles. However, there are few instances which I feel can be further deepened in the story line to find the real meaning. But largely movie is a piece of art, and well shown on the big screen. The internal battle, one day, comes to final peace when the boy finally gets connected to what he truly is – the ‘story teller’ since his childhood.

The movie is worth watching, from two aspects, one is for the sake of movie as a good piece of art and second from the aspect of the actual message of finding your real self – the journey of self discovery.

Sometime back I read a book ‘Do What You Are‘ one of the world best sellers by Paul Tieger & Barbara Tieger.

The book is extensive and is based on the MBTI psychological model of 16 personality types and finding your true type and then adapting your personal and work life according to that.

The model helps you to first figure out what are your true talents, strengths and inclinations and what are your weaknesses and grey areas. Then accordingly, to chart a life path which can lead to have fulfilling life.

It is a fact that those who have really struggled to find themselves have really excelled in their fields of passion and have delivered wonderful results to the world in terms of various innovative inventions, researches, entrepreneurship, art, music and filmmaking.

Instead of living mediocre lives, it is always better to do well in the chosen field of your passion.

The movie helps you to take a pause and think it through and reanalyze your life.

Review written By Zeerik Ahmad