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LahoreBeat provides you some selected movie reviews based on the actual watching and analysis by the LB Team or other independent reviewers.

Reviews include all kinds of movies – Hollywood, Bollywood and Pakistan.

Movies are expression of creativity which is not limited to one place. Rather, it provides good inspiration for Lahoris and Pakistanis to know what others are doing in creativity.

I guess this is also one of the factors that independent cinema is fast building up its steam in Lahore. Colleges and universities have also started to teach formal filmmaking which was one of the weakest links earlier. Now we have started seeing many new but talented faces on TV screen as well as on big cinema screen.

Family entertainment in the form of a good movie is always liked. The trend is also picking up because now we see many good new cinemas in the town. DHA cinema, Cinegold & Cinestar. Even some of the old ones have been revamped like PAF cinema in Lahore Cantt.

In modern times, where everyone is connected digitally through mobiles or Facebook, the movie reviews really play an important part in determining the movie perceptions which sometimes lead to final success or failure of the movie.

But at the same time, movie reviews are just independent reviews by the reviewers. There is nothing official & conclusive thing about it. Sometimes, as in normal life, two people can have two different taste & choices. So movie reviews should be taken with open minded approach. But the fact remains that they build perceptions before actual watching. These perceptions can again be corrected by actually watching the movie.

Art & commercial cinema are normally considered two separate ways of making a movie. But since creativity normally has no rules and boundaries, there is always a room for many new experiments – mixing the art & commercial. I think film ‘Barfi’ is one such example.

For some of the movie reviews, please check below… Only selected films are selected for writing Movie Reviews

Movie Tamasha

The movie Tamasha starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Pudukone is another addition to writer and director Imtiaz Ali’s signature style of filmmaking.

With past movies like Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal, Rockstar and Highway  etc, the signature style of Imtiaz Ali can be very well determined which shows a very distinctive movie making with high caliber and intellectual thought provoking style. The tone and mood are mostly modern and contemporary and always with good sound track and music by A. R. Rahman.


Movie Review - Film Barfi

The film Barfi is a presentation of pure art form wrapped up in a most interesting & commercial way. I think it is a brilliant piece of filmmaking...


Movie Review -Film Skyfall

In few simple words, the movie was at its best in terms of its action sequences. You are sitting on the edge most of the movie. But the interesting thing is that James Bond does not use much of gadgets...


Movie Review - Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Yes it is finally coming to Pakistan. After quite struggle from the local Pakistani distributor. The last Yas Raj Film (YRF) production is coming with big starrer - . Shah Rukh khan & Katrina, who are pairing up first time in this movie.


Movie Review - Film Josh

Iram Parveen Bilal’s Josh (Against the Grain) is all set for screening at the 14th Mumbai Film Festival which is organized by Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI).


Review - Film Student of the Year

Karan Johar has directed this film Student of the Year, who is a veteran Director with many blockbusters in his portfolio and who is known for his artistic taste and aesthetics.

In my personal opinion, the most important thing is how film is made or technically directed. It is apt to say that film actually belongs to Director’s vision...


Dabangg2 Review

The Dabanng 2 in all respects was a forced attempt just to make some more money from the previous success. It was more of Salman Khan Show than a good movie. The extended script has no steam and weight in it. There are no twists & turns. No conflict deepening, no new love angel or problems. Everything was mostly rosy-rosy having already resolved most of the problems in the original Dabangg.

The original Dabangg did extremely well. It was the original script and completely written as a single script without leaving any hook in the end for any kind of sequel.

The villain got defeated. The love story got completed ending the movie logically with a happy ending.


Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola - Movie Review

The movie – Matru ki Bijlee Ka Mandoal in the shortest & simplest words is – Not Bad –watchable.

The film is of course is not brilliant – medium budget around 31 million INR – (31 crores).. In the first  week it did good business and was able to get the returns of 41 Million (41 crores).

The main cast Pankaj Kapoor appears to be the lead role- Mr. Mandola – the story is more about him and less about the other two actors – supposedly the hero & heroin – Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma.


Race 2 - Movie Review

Overall the movie Race 2 was good  - well made movie with very good special effects and one liner dialogues. The movie also had lots of adult language content. Parents are cautioned before taking the children along.

The cast was improved. John Abraham was at his best, so was the Saif Ali Khan, Deepika as well as Jacqueline.

The plot of course was about the smart & clever under world dawns and their unique ways to make lots of money.

Deepika acts as the sister of under world wrestler – turned Don – Armaan Malik (John Abraham).


Chashme Buddoor - Movie Review

The movie Chasme-e-Buddoor is watchable but not brilliant – script Is neither appealing, nor the acting and nor the music.

However, there are some funny scenes which have good entertainment value in laughing it out, but hardly more than that…

It is a story of three friends who live the life on the naughty side. Ali Zafar is one of the three friends, but little bit sober and mature. They find a girl nearby and all try their luck. But Ali Zafar succeeds and both fall in love.


Main Hoon Shahid Afridi - Movie Review

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi movie is a good stepping stone to the fast declining Pakistani film industry. The main star is Humayun Saeed, who is a professional actor and well experienced in video production field.


Waar Movie Review

Waar Movie has definitely raised the bar for Pakistani film industry. It is probably the first movie which has come at par not only with Bollywood, rather Hollywood standard of filmmaking.


Indian Movie Queen

It was quite unexpected to expect that Indian movie Queen will be worth it. On the contrary,  it is quite entertaining and well made movie. The main actress Kangana Ranaut has been given a role where she could show her best, and she did it. It was totally a kangana dominated movie with a female character in the lead.


Godzilla Movie Review

The Godzilla movie is a good value for money for those who are fond of aliens and ET action movies. The movie is interesting and gripping. Interestingly Godzilla is a hero in this movie who saves the earth from the alien giants and prevents it from further reproduction and multiplying.

The movie begins with the unsettling situation that something is brewing up somewhere and is being hidden as a secret. That is the preservation of the giant alien at one remote secret closely guarded location not known to ordinary people.


Movie Transformers4 Review

The movie Transformers4 is half machine and half human experience. The 3D effects are awesome. Special effects are brilliant. Overall it is a good treat to eyes and senses.

The movie starts with an interesting human touch in the story- with father and daughter and his boyfriend trio.  The, father, the mechanics freak finds an old truck hidden in junk and brings it at his farm house.


Movie Review - Shamitabh

R. Balki the director, who also wrote and directed films like Cheeni Kum and Paa, in the past, has already proved his liking for the novelty factor in stories, he likes to bring to celluloid. So from the very first scene it intrigues your attention.


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