Monal Restaurant Lahore

Get in the food spirit at Monal Restaurant Lahore!

Experience the rooftop outdoors at Monal Restaurant Lahore

For all those who have visited Monal Islamabad, Monal Restaurant Lahore will not be a complete surprise. But for all those who can afford, it certainly is a worthwhile visit.

The restaurant is located at the 10th floor on the rooftop of Parking Plaza at the Liberty round about in Gulberg. The location is unique. The climb is steep, but the view is elegant once you reach there.

Monal is mostly laid out in the outdoors with three terraces. The layout is elaborate, the décor is aesthetically done. The furniture is cain and glass but quite comfortable.

The rooftop view gives you the view of liberty round about and Gulberg main boulevard.

Night time also gives a good environment and ambiance.

The food quality is acceptable. I would not rate it excellent. However, the service is superb. There are attendants all around to help you and serve you better.

In addition to outdoors, Monal also offers Indoor seating as well.

We went on Saturday night, they were offering buffet instead of al a cart. The cuisine mainly comprised of Pakistani, Chinese and Continental dishes all together. There was variety of salads as well as desserts.  The barbecue is normally delivered at your table, including the choice of bread and drinks. They also offered us Cheese Nan at our table, which was certainly good to taste to.

We tried mutton ginger, chicken steak, rice, palak punir, fresh fish barbecue, kebabs and chicken boti.

The pricing is of course on the higher side. The buffet was Rs: 1200+per person. So with everything inclusive it may cost you around Rs: 1700/- per person.

The restaurant was fully crowded. We had to park on the 7th floor. The nearest you can park your car is 8th floor, which is usually full. The elevators are also available to reach to 10th floor from any floor.

The restaurant is owned by the same family as it is in Islamabad.

The Islamabad restaurant is unique because of its natural location on the hilltop, which provides beautiful weather as well as beautiful surroundings and aerial view of the Islamabad.

Due to these unique features the Monal brand in Islamabad became very popular and also became a tourist spot. People just go there for the drive to experience it.

All those unique features may not be duplicated in Lahore. But the brand name of ‘Monal’ has picked up due to which it has some loyal clientage who  are willing to test drive and experience it in Lahore. Only with the passage of time it will be certain about the right ranking and rating of Monal restaurant Lahore.

Lahore has a stiff competition in terms of food as compared with Islamabad. People in Lahore are more food savvy as well as food lovers. One of the best pass times in Lahore of course is going out and trying something new in food.

There are many large scale food restaurants in Lahore. However, the initial phase definitely is going to be in favour of Monal since it is coming up not only with food but new idea to present it on the rooftop with some style.

I wish good luck to Monal in Lahore.

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