Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

The movie – Matru ki Bijlee Ka Mandola in the shortest & simplest words is – Not Bad –watchable.

The film is of course is not brilliant – medium budget around 31 million INR – (31 crores).. In the first  week it did good business and was able to get the returns of 41 Million (41 crores).

The main cast Pankaj Kapoor appears to be the lead role- Mr. Mandola – the story is more about him and less about the other two actors – supposedly the hero & heroin – Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma.

The story line is – Mr. Mandola is the richest person of one orthodox village with big Mandola mansion ,luxury lifestyle and owner of the most of the lands in the village mortgaged by the farmers. He is also an alcohol addict – And has two personalities – once when he gets drunk.

Anushka is the only daughter – bit bold, straight and outspoken.  Imran Khan is the personal driver but is educated and acts more than a driver and most of the time considered a house member.

The story of movie Matru Ki Bijlee ... does not develop much of the hero – Imran Khan’s character- where he is from; what are his motivations – nothing of the sort;  why he does what he does sometimes  - siding with the farmers and sometimes with the Mandola.

The love story angle between the daughter & the driver is also weak and under developed.

Anushka did carry her role quite smoothly because it was quite typical of the character she is used to play – lively, vibrant and bold. However, it was a new character for Imran Khan – who has more of the sweet & cute boy image. I could not see much of the depth in carrying out that role well by the actor. Rather, I probably blame less on the actor and more on the writer not to have developed the character in depth. What he was actually- it remained a mystery - Either a born villager – or came from the urban setting – was also educated but belonged to which class originally,  what was supposed to be his own language dialect. Nothing was fully clear or developed. Thereby the actor also with his own past perceived image could not carry that role very well in the movie.

The pace of the movie was a drag & quite slow in the first half.

The plot of the movie Matru Ki Bijlee ... picked up little bit of its pace in the second half but was not very well thickened and had many loose ends.

Some funny scenes in the movie Matru Ki Bijlee ... only had the audience laugh bit – especially the drunk scenes of Mr Mandola and secondly the amusement of adult street slang language spoken without any hesitation – which was something new to listen to for the audience on the big screen.

There was not much of great sound track nor good music support – it was just Ok. Although not very bad. The direction of the movie was also average. The plane flying scene was just too amateurish. It should have been directed better.

The bees attack was also a poor directed sequence.

In conclusion, the creative an technical side of the movie were weak. However it had some entertainment value in the Mandola’s  role and the setting of the village.


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