Main Hoon Shahid Afridi - Movie Review

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi movie is a good stepping stone to the fast declining Pakistani film industry. The main star is Humayun Saeed, who is a professional actor and well experienced in video production field.

The story revolves around the cricketer who in his good days gets trapped in drugs and fixing scandal with imprisonment. In his difficult times, all his near & dear ones leave him including his wife, son and father who feel ashamed of his son’s behavior. Later he returns disillusioned and dishearted. Later he gets persuaded by one local village cricket club to join them as their coach. Initially with reluctance, he finally agrees after some thought. Then onwards there are some ups & downs and eventually they make it big and win the final national level cricket championship.

As very predictable, in the end, all things turn out good, including his family & who now understands him and joins back.

The movie largely gives the feeling that it largely was influenced by Bollywood cinema. The story plot, the direction and even including the item song number played by Mathira reflect the formulaic version of movie.

In that respect, I sense that the movie lacks the true originality of ideas. It would have been much better & impressive had it been totally reflected its own acceptable Pakistani social culture instead of showing the item song number.

The direction of movie is just average, not very bad but not brilliant too. The background music is also average. The plus point is the acting of Humayun Saeed which I guess is his strength and he delivered well.

Overall, I would still conclude that it should be watched by Pakistanis in order to encourage the revival of cinema. It was a good attempt with some shortcomings, but I guess now this is the beginning of the good start ahead. Gradually this revival is now encouraging the new generation with new ideas and new aesthetics to present their talents to the world through better & quality films.


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