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So much time is spent on computer in present modern age that many a time you happen to miss some important news items running on TV or any other program going on live on any TV channel. Now you don’t have to worry about that. You may now continue to work on your computer for as long as like and still watch your live TV channel here.   You can keep this site open and still work on whatever you do by minimizing this window. You will remain logged on and keep hearing the TV channel and watching it anytime or even for the whole day.

Please do keep in mind that sometimes, there are some technical glitches which disturb the live TV streaming and you may not watch  it for some time, you can refresh or cancel and can come back again later. Secondly, sometimes, you may also have slow internet connection on your side, that may also affect the speed of live TV streaming which may be slow at your end.

So once you are prepared for these technical issues, we hope you will not feel frustrated when these things occur.  Following is the list of available live TV Channels on our site.

City 042

This is completely Lahore focused TV channel which is very successful in the city of Lahore. In addition to the main stream national news it also provides the local city news coverage and happenings all around

Dawn News

National and International level TV news Channel with quality content and news analysis

Aaj TV

The national news TV channel

Express News

International level TV Channel for news coverage


In case you encounter any problems in watching theses live TV streams, we request you to be patient since the live streams on internet varies due to many technical factors in between.

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Lahore is city of about 10 million populations. It is the second largest city. Lots of happenings and events occur on daily basis. Recently, there has been a healthy expansion in the print and electronic media in Pakistan with lots of new newspapers, magazines and TV channels. Various people have different viewpoints. According to some, expansion of media is a healthy competition, but some also view the deteriorating quality as far the news reporting and analysis is concerned. According to them the media, most of the time sensationalizes, exaggerates and act irresponsibly.

Well, the balanced opinion is that we all watch media with our own pre-determined mindsets. We all may have our differing opinions, but it is also up to individual judgment, how one views it – positive or negative or balanced.

Furthermore, for the avid media consumer and media analyst, various newspapers and TV channels have their own ratings – not only commercial, but he quality rating in the minds of such consumers.

This way, we all try to watch which we feel is right and balanced. After all, it’s just a click of your remote control to change any channel now. So still the power is in consumer hands. One should use it intelligently and responsibly.

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