Lahore Updates

Various developments and progressive works keep in happening from time to time in Lahore. Lahore has changed a lot from the old times – to be frank - various things changed for the better and few things perhaps did not change for the better. This section will keep on bringing to you some important and significant developments & updates from Lahore. The purpose is that we may know what good works we are doing and at the same time – what more is required to be done by Lahoris and improved upon.

Orange Line Metro Rail Mass Transit System Lahore

The Orange Line Metro Rail Transit System is no more a dream; it is fast becoming a reality soon.

The PDWP – Provincial Development Working Party, Punjab, has approved the project at the cost of Rs: 162.62 Billion (USD 1.6 Billion).  Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has already signed the agreement of Lahore Metro Rail with China on Pakistan’s behalf for construction of the project. It will be 27 kilometer long rail line with mostly elevated mass transit system. It is aimed to facilitate the commuters’ movement in the city.

It will connect Raiwind, Multan Road, Mcleod Road, Lahore Junction railway station and the Grand Trunk Road. It will be the first line of the Lahore Metro, which is country's first mass rapid transit train system.


Tourist Tonga Service in Old Lahore.

In the first week of Sept 2015, Walled City Lahore Authority (WCLA) has just launched its new Tonga Service for tourists. It will be twice in a week in the evenings and will carry the tourists and visitors for the detailed tour within the walled city of Lahore. It will also have the assigned tour guide, who will explain about the old alleys, buildings and its associated past history.

This tourist service is indeed very unique and will further help to promote the Lahore city positively by informing about its old heritage to all local and international tourists.

Pepe Jeans in Lahore

Pepe Jeans Lahore opened its first retail outlet in Lahore in Vogue Tower at MM Alam Road Lahore.

Pepe Jeans is a UK high street brand, which started from selling at a weekend roadside stall in West London.

In Pakistan, Saad Javed Akram, is the entrepreneur behind the store who is also the owner of Labels in Lahore.

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Emporium Mall Lahore

Something big is coming up in Lahore – Emporium Mall Lahore.

Despite all the challenges in the country including, security, energy, inflation and poverty, Lahore is gradually and stably progressing in many indicators. The development in real estate sector, improving of roads networks, increasing retail activity with arrival of several foreign brands and increasing food outlets and more.


Restoring Old Buildings in Lahore

There are many old buildings in Lahore which are historic. In different times, Moguls ruled, Sikhs ruled and lastly British ruled the city of Lahore in Punjab. All have contributed in their own way to the existing architecture of Lahore.

Chief Minister Punjab – Mian Shahbaz Sharif has always been keen to restore the historic & old buildings in Lahore to its original shape and grandeur.


Metro Bus Service Lahore

Metro Bus Service finally has been inaugurated in Lahore on 10 Feb, 2013. It indeed is an ambitious project by the Govt of the Punjab, as envisioned by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. What went behind the project especially the inner workings, now may not be of much interest to all, what matters now is the outcome of this project.


River Ravi Development Zone Project (RDZP)

River Ravi Development Zone is going to be another marvel in the city of Lahore…

The lack of ideas is graver curse than the lack of resources.  All nations can improve their own fates if they start using their minds and be sincere to what they do.

It is good to witness some positive and big happenings going within Lahore.

The talk of Ravi Development Zone Project is very much in the news with very ambitious project and based on and innovative thought and ideas.


Arfa Software Technology Park – ASTP

Arfa Software Technology Park is one of the major milestones achieved in the modern development of Pakistan particularly Lahore. Its is the country’s largest Information and Communications Technology Park. The 17 story building is the first international standard facility in Pakistan located in Lahore...