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Food probably is the first love for Lahoris. Lahore restaurants are found in abundance from one end to another end of the city. There are variety of choices of restaurants in Lahore with diversified cuisine within all kinds of budgets.

Undroone-e Shehr (down town Lahore )  to high-end in Defence – we will cover some of the good restaurants on our site.

Restaurants are attractive and tempting. They attract visitors from all over Pakistan. People living abroad also long to come back to Lahore and explore the new restaurants. These restaurants keep opening every now & then. I think every quarter you see a new restaurant on some street. And it is important for Lahoris that they have to try it once and if they like the food and taste then they will visit again.

The newly built Food street in Undroone-e- Lahore (downtown) is yet another display of this passion for food by Lahoris.

Within Food Street there are many small restaurants that have been redone in a very tasteful manner with open layout outside as well as inside. The earlier ones Cuckoo’s and Andaaz are worth mentioning which are offering great taste & ambiance. Due to repositioning of food street in Lahore, the pricing has increased what it used to be 10 years ago without the ‘food street’ branding.

This is one of the reason that now Food Street is attracting high profile people from far flung areas. Even the foreign dignitaries are brought here to have a taste for Lahore food.

The modern Lahore restaurants are found in areas like Gulberg & Defence. These places have attracted now new foreign – mostly American franchises like Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Subway and some others. They have been a big success stories in Pakistan. Although they are already successful worldwide with billions of revenues. Pakistan have also started to cash on that as well.

The weekends can be seen with huge family gatherings in these fast food Lahore restaurants and long lines waiting for their turn to get their food. It has also started a new hip-hop modern culture in Lahore, where teens just love to be there all the time.

People generally in Lahore are always looking for good recommendations for Lahore restaurants. Impartially it is sometime difficult since one can only pass on his or her own experience, and sometimes the other may have different preferences & tastes. But largely these recommendations & word of mouth still work for people to try that new place in the town. Later they can analyze whether that caters to their taste or not. So, Lahoris do generally rely on such recommendations for good Lahore restaurants.

We keep on adding reviews on Lahore restaurants on our site.

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Love & Life for Lahoris - Lahore Restaurants!

Scafa Lahore

Scafa Lahore - School of Culinary And Finishing Arts.

The Scafa Lahore is located on Jail Road in the EFU House building on the first level, just short of main canal junction (if you are coming from Gulberg). 

SCAFA, Lahore’s School of Culinary And Finishing Arts is a full-service culinary arts training institute offering the complete spectrum of culinary arts courses. They have full-time education programmes for students aspiring to become professional chefs and advanced programmes for chefs looking to upskill their abilities.

The School also offers professional courses for students seeking professional skills but lacking the time to commit to full-time education, thereby offering these individuals an opportunity to pursue their ambition.


Local Eatery Lahore

New restaurant Local Eatery Lahore is a new addition in the town. Anyone who is Lahori knows what ‘love of food’ is all about.   It is situated in Lahore Defence Y block of phase III which is a high end locale where you can find several other brands including apparel, electronics and other eateries. It is fast becoming a most sought after hang out place. This block also offers good parking lot in the centre.

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Monal Restaurant Lahore

Experience the rooftop outdoors at Monal Restaurant Lahore

For all those who have visited Monal Islamabad, Monal Restaurant Lahore will not be a complete surprise. But for all those who can afford, it certainly is a worthwhile visit.

The restaurant is located at the 10th floor on the rooftop of Parking Plaza at the Liberty round about in Gulberg. The location is unique. The climb is steep, but the view is elegant once you reach there.

Monal is mostly laid out in the outdoors with three terraces. The layout is elaborate, the décor is aesthetically done. The furniture is cain and glass but quite comfortable.


BYOB Lahore - Build Your Own Burger  - Outpost –Eatery

How do you do BYOB!

I came to know about BYOB Lahore through one of my office colleagues with high recommendation. I wondered what that is! BYOB is simply ‘Build Your Own Burger’, a fast food joint (eatery) with some personal special touch and with little difference.  The name of the restaurant is in fact ‘Outpost’. However, the concept of Build Your Own Burger has dominated more.

On one holiday Well, I along with my family embarked upon this little mission of finding, exploring, testing and of course tasting what BYOB is.

We reached DHA Phase VIII which is ex Park View just in front of the Lahore International Airport across the Ring Road.  Once you take the main boulevard of the ex Park View (DHA Phase VIII) you will have to follow the straight road till its end which probably is about 2 kilometers long.


CTC Review - Defence Lahore

The new CTC in Defence Lahore opened in Sept, 2012.... It was most awaited by all those who are great fans of CTC Gulberg, Lahore. The location indeed is good, rather carefully chosen, slightly away from the crowded streets. It is on the farthest most lane in Y Block facing the residential houses, parallel to Chen One lane.

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Fort View Restaurant

Fort View restaurant is a mix of traditional & modern. You find the elevator and you find the 6 levels staircase too. Fort View restaurant basically is also a mini hotel with few rooms for the tourists.


Lahore Broast Review

Lahore Broast is very much local & Lahori. Although, desi food is where the real heart of Lahore is, but interestingly and surprisingly, few things made good name in the western type fast food in Lahore too...


Andaaz Restaurant

Andaz hotel Lahore basically is primarily a restaurant located just before we enter the main Food Street gate. So it is falling little bit out of food street officially but very much part of that area.


Chocolate Bar In Lahore

Chocolate Bar just recently opened in Defence Lahore on Saturday 9th Feb 2013. It is located in Z Block, Phase III near Body Shop. The launch was an impressive function with city high profile gentry as well as celebrities.

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Sardara Machli in Uptown Defence

The original Sardara Machli (Fish) historically existed in down town Mozang Lahore, which is still existing and thriving.  However, there is new shop in the Defence phase1 also.  We don’t know whether it’s the branch of the same owner or the new one.

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La Atrium Lahore

La Atrium Lahore is relatively a new entrant in the high end restaurants in Lahore. It is adjacent to Chen One in Gulberg Lahore (near Hafeez Centre & Pace Mall).

The restaurant size is quite large and impressive. It gives more a five star hotel lounge & lobby with the centered rectangle counter just like rooms check in & out for customer services. The décor is not bad. There is nice lighting with aesthetically pleasing chandeliers. The seats are comfortable. The menu card is elegant.


Fatburger Lahore

Fatburger Lahore is a recent addition for Lahore food lovers, who crave variety in everything foody.

Fatburger is a multinational north American chain originally started by Lovie Yancey in Los Angeles with her partner Charles Simpson who opened a Mr. Fatburger Stand in 1952.

BIL Foods brought the Fatburger,  chain of gourmet burgers in Lahore, Pakistan. The first store was opened in Karachi in Dolmen Mall.


Yum Restaurant - DHA Lahore

Yum restaurant is a Chinese restaurant emerging chain which started off first in Gulberg and now in DHA Lahore.

Yum offers finest dining class of its own. It is an ‘A’ rated elite Chinese restaurant with delectable taste and good variety of cuisine.

The décor is cozy & cordial. The service is superb.


Café Aylanto Lahore

Café Aylanto Lahore is located on the MM Alam Road towards the far end nearer to the Mini market and Pizza Hut. Normally, it is not very visible from the front. It has its own parking facility which is limited, but also offers the valet service.

The first thing what hits you in any uptown restaurant is its inner décor, and the feel factor. The second thing is the food and its taste.


Freddys Lahore

Freddys Lahore is located on the MM Alam Road towards the starting point nearer to the Hussein Chowk in Gulberg. It has its own parking facility which is limited, but also offers the valet service.

Freddy’s has very nice décor and cozy feel of an uptown restaurant but based on more of a western style & theme.


X2 Restaurant Lahore

X2 restaurant Lahore is a nice restaurant. It is a new breed restaurant with refreshing atmosphere. Primarily, it a Pan Asian cuisine offering, Chinese, continental as well as Pakistani dishes.

The location is very exclusive -  off MM Alam Road – behind the main Caltex petrol station. You can approach X2 from two ways either from the main MM Alam Road Gulberg – which will show you the direction signs leading to X2 restaurant (X2 has done a good job in providing the direction signs).  Or else you can also approach it from the Liberty Market Gulberg. While coming towards Hussein chowk, just after the petrol station , you will have to turn to left in the inner lane (where the old LUMS used to be housed in one bungalow).


Gourmet Restaurant Lahore

Gourmet restaurant Lahore is just one of the many ventures under the ‘Gourmet’ brand which has become a big brand in Lahore and certainly is a prestigious addition to Lahore restaurants.

Gourmet initially started off with its own small bakery in Ichra Bazzar in 1987. Gourmet’s owner Chaudary Nawaz Chhatta initially worked for Shezan Bakers for eleven years. Then he developed his own vision to open a new chain of bakeries with fine product quality. Gourmet with its vision expanded very fast in the last 10 years time period.

Now there are hundreds of gourmet bakeries all over Lahore, almost in every part.


Changair in Falettis Hotel Lahore

I don’t know about the experiences of others with Changair restaurant in Falettis hotel, Lahore, but my experience with them was not a very positive one.

For quite some times, I have been hearing about the renovations and revamping of the British times Falettis hotel into a vibrant and aesthetics decorated piece of art. I was quite curious to visit it and see it with my own eyes. Well, days passed by and eventually the Ramadan 2014 commenced. So I with my family thought to have ifftar at one of the restaurants in Falettis. I checked on their website, I found Changair as one the of the leading restaurants with attractive mouth watering cuisine.

I booked the table in advance which they politely confirmed to me.


Johnny Rockets in Lahore

Johny Rockets in Lahore has finally arrived. This is another American high end fast food franchise brand, which just recently opened in last days of January in Defence . Z block, Phase III. Lahore.

Lahoris are always fond of food and they are always willing to try new things. But this time, there is some change of taste challenge. Johny Rockets is bringing in its own branded taste which I guess may become a challenge for Lahoris to adapt to. Mostly there are beef burgers with different munched beef  recipes.

 Secondly, Johny Rocket is on the high end in terms of price. The standard basic burger starts from Rs.750/- and goes up to Rs: 1100/ plus you have to buy the side orders separately - the fries and chips. Your normal bill for two would easily range from Rs. 2000/- plus.



Donar Kebab Lahore in DHA

Donar Kebab Lahore in DHA is a German food chain which was recently opened in Lahore Defence, Y Sector, just opposite McDonalds.

It is a kind of fast food but not containing burgers or sandwiches but they have their own unique list of menu which includes various kinds of breads filled with chicken as well as mutton and beef with different sauces and salads. It is closer to the concept of Arabic shawarma.

The making of these donar kebabs is quick and is considered fast food. You have to pay first to get your meal just like in any fast food chain.


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