Lahore International Film Festival (LIFF) 

Lahore International Film Festival (LIFF) is coming up in Lahore starting from 25th Feb, 2014. For all the movie buffs - mark it!

Summit Entertainment and Super Cinema are organizing this Lahore Film Festival.

One of the hotly-anticipated film ‘Tamanna’ will be also be previewed during this film festival.

The LIFF will be held at both venues of Super Cinema – Royal Palm Golf & Country Club and Vogue Towers, also Prince and Shabistan on Abbott Road.

Extending their support to LIFF, Summit Entertainment and Super Cinema express their eagerness to host this prestigious event and “hope to rejoice some of the best films made locally and abroad”. 

“We are also providing an opportunity for young filmmakers to debut their work. We hope to promote Lahore as the cultural capital of Pakistan and bring forth the best films to promote education and cultural understanding among Pakistani children and youth,” Summit Entertainment Corporate Communications Head Myra Qureshi said at the press conference.

Lahore International Film Festival (LIFF) - 2014  is to host both local and international film celebrities to speak about the importance of cinema at the Super Cinema venues. 

“LIFF also hopes to give the filmmaking industry of Pakistan a much needed revival by serving as an important platform for young upcoming filmmakers creating a thorough and effective reinforcement for Pakistani cinema,” Qureshi maintained. 

Through the LIFF, both new and veteran filmmakers and actors will come together to create an event that paves way for learning, inspiration, progress and constructive criticism, thus creating a space where new ideas are put together and framed. The opportunity allows young enthusiasts from all over the country to express their creativity through short films, documentaries and animations. The top best submissions will be screened at the festival. 

“We hope that such interactions will help several budding filmmakers and artists get access to bright opportunities in media and entertainment, while enabling others to find a direction to hone their creativity and skills,” Qureshi added, while addressing the media.

Final date for film submissions is February 10 after which a jury will assess the best films to be showcased at the festival (approximately 80 to 100 films). 

Steven Moore-directed and Concordia Productions-produced ‘Tamanna’, starring Feryal Gauhar, Mehreen Raheal, Omair Rana and Salman Shahid among others, will be released on March 23, as was announced officially at the press conference. An exclusive mini media preview followed where the soundtrack of the film sung by Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was also aired. 

Speaking at the event, acclaimed British filmmaker Steven Moore said, “The reason why I have made this film is because I like it here in Pakistan. I feel comfortable to work amongst people who have over time become as close to me as family. In 2008, the Pakistani film industry was at its worst. As a filmmaker, you have to wear many hats and review general situations; hence I believe the time is right to give Pakistan a beautiful film it can remember. In 2008, I noticed the situation of the Pakistani film industry was very similar to what Germany’s was in the 1970s. Cinema has a very important cultural value. We forget that. Also, the Urdu language was never a barrier for me while filming because initially I wrote the script in English.”

Qureshi expressed her pride with Summit Entertainment being the distributors for ‘Tamanna’. She thanked the film’s producer Sarah Tareen as well as Moore for their tremendous work and also praised Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for his mesmerizing soundtrack. 

Lahore International Film Festival LIFF 2014 seems to be all geared up for the film buffs and enthusiasts. It seems that Lahore is gradually returning to celebrate its cultural heritage and take pride in it once again.  

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