Lahore Hotel Lahore

Lahore Hotel Lahore is one of the oldest in Lahore – perhaps before or near the partition days of India & Pakistan.

The hotel now wears old & tired look but it still stands on its feet and is located on the Fleming Road near the Railway Road, McLoed Road, Gawal Mandi and Lakshami Chowk Lahore.

The hotel is modestly furnished in old fashioned way not much of aesthetics. It may suit well for those travelers who have some errands or business to attend in the nearby alleys and downtown areas.

Rates: (Approximately)

The hotel will range from Rs: 2000 to 4000/- per night.

(Please check the latest rates updates directly from the hotel)


  • Air conditioned rooms – some rooms
  • House keeping
  • Telephone

Nearest Attractions:

The surrounding roads of the hotel are narrow and mostly congested with traffic.

But due to its location in Lahore, the hotel has easy access to all the major locations – the downtown Lahore and uptown Lahore.

Lahore Railway station is 15 minutes drive. Lahore Airport is 30 minutes drive.

All downtown places like Lahore Fort, Museum , Walled City, Lakshami Chowk, Gawal Mandi are easily accessible within 10 to 20 minutes drive.

The uptown Lahore is also accessible through public & private transport facility. The Fortress Stadium Lahore which has become a good outing place for Lahoris is about 20 minutes drive away. So are the famous Liberty market and MM Alam Road in Gulberg. Still little farther is Defence – which is famous for its Y block shopping area.

All local & international brands in clothing & accessories are available in uptown Lahore. All local & international food chains like McDonalds’, KFC, Pizza Hut and many more now scattered all over Lahore.

Contact Info:

Fleming Road, Lahore

(near the Railway Road, McLoed Road, Gawal Mandi and Lakshami Chowk Lahore).


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