Lahore Food Street

Love of Lahoris is food. So Developing a Lahore Food Street perhaps was the natural extension of this passion for food for Lahoris. Though, we may see food streets all around Lahore - downtown and uptown. But the idea was to brand it distinctly to attract more audience local & foreigners to show the love of food.

The first formal experiment started with the Gawal Mandi food street. Although its location for Lahoris is well known where the Gowal Mandi is but for those who are not very much familiar with Lahore will have to reach downtown Lahore near Lakshmi Chowk first and from there it was hardly few yards further.

The Gawal Mandi food street worked for few years but it started facing some problems from the local residents who were residing inside the food street. It was becoming very difficult for them to commute to & back from their own homes. Many of them had started protesting against that initiative.

Anyhow it was finally abandoned. And the passage was re-opened for the general traffic.

For several years there was no food street. The new food street was again conceptualized in the Shahbaz Sharif Govt and the area was selected to be the Fort Road which runs between Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque on their back side.

There was already one famous restaurant Cuckoos Den which was doing good business and attracting lots of people from uptown as well as foreigners.

The idea was eventually implemented in which Shahbaz Sharif’s son Hamza Sharif took the lead and the Lahore Food Street was redecorated and made over with better aesthetics. The road was closed for normal traffic and only made for pedestrians to walk around with redone cobbled flooring and pavement cafes and rooftop restaurants.

Some of the famous restaurants inside Food Street are Fort View restaurant & hotel, Cuckoos Den, Rivaaj and many more. Andaaz restaurant is generally also considered part of Food Street but happens to be just outside the gate of food street.

Although there is not much of dedicated & earmarked parking lot. But still they have managed to find car parking around the food street Lahore.

It is actual fun to go to the Lahore Food Street especially in good weather since most of the seating arrangement is in the open. Food Street with its re-branding also has become somewhat pricey. It is equivalent of paying in a 5 star hotel – approximately Rs: 1000/- per head should be kept in mind. It may increase sometimes. But what will you get back is good nice experience to cherish in your lifetime. Well the deal is still not bad.

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