Lahore Broast Review

Lahore Broast is very much local & Lahori. Although, desi food is where the real heart of Lahore is, but interestingly and surprisingly, few things made good name in the western type fast food in Lahore too.

One such example is Lahore Broast who is consistently doing good job for several years and have opened up some branches in various parts of Lahore as well as in Murree.

The recipe is somewhat closer to KFC chicken. They provide well broasted & fried chicken pieces with bread. What matters is its marvelous the taste. Personally, I have traveled the world and have eaten abundantly KFC, but I still like the taste of Lahore Broast better than KFC.

The restaurant is still working very much on traditional lines. No uniformed staff, not much of grooming, the layout very simple, wooden benches and tables. No much of interior décor. Most of the customers opt for the take away,

They offer two items - the deep fried chicken and Deghi Chicken – the traditional one.

Both have their own audience and both give very good taste.

The price of full chicken is Rs: 550/- You get free fries and bread 4 bread pieces.

I once also tried the Murree branch. The taste was very much the same. I was happy that they are doing good job and have very loyal target market. Every time I went to buy the Broast, I had to wait half an hour for my turn. It is always selling.

It indeed is a good local success story. If the owners have a vision they can easily convert this local brand into an international brand where there are more Pakistanis like in Middle East, UK and US. But before that they have to work a lot on the branding nationally and some makeover. They have developed a good customer base now they should have a good make over to a well sought after brand through some good marketing and advertising mediums.

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