La Atrium Lahore Review

La Atrium Lahore is relatively a new entrant in the high end restaurants in Lahore. It is adjacent to Chen One in Gulberg Lahore (near Hafeez Centre & Pace Mall).

The restaurant size is quite large and impressive. It gives more a five star hotel lounge & lobby with the centered rectangle counter just like rooms check in & out for customer services. The décor is not bad. There is nice lighting with aesthetically pleasing chandeliers. The seats are comfortable. The menu card is elegant.

It was Thursday when I with my wife went to try this restaurant. The restaurant almost became full around 9 pm despite being on the weekday. It showed that the restaurant has pretty much caught up fast among the hi- fi- crowd in Lahore. The gentry were fashionable and clearly spelled that Lahoris have special taste for such new places.

We ordered the Ceasar’ssalad, Chicken Stake and Chicken Mushroom pasta, Pina Colada and strawberry shake.

The order came within acceptable time frame within 10 minutes. It was indeed good service.

Things started changing in the mind with the first taste of the Ceaser’s  salad. To our surprise, it was not very impressive, the leaves did not have very fresh feel, the amount of chicken pieces in the salad were quite miserly.  We, however, restricted ourselves to express our true feelings till we should wait and taste the whole of our meal. We received our other dishes shortly.

The taste of pasta also turned out to be below average, it felt that there was the use of salt was in excess. The chicken steak appeared bit hard (not tender). However, the mashed potatoes were OK but still not fully mashed.

The pasta did the most disastrous part, which was not fully consumed and we were forced to call the Manager who brought the Chief Chef along. And we politely shared our feedback.

Well, I must say they were really gentle people and very well mannered. They immediately apologized for the taste and offered to make it again to the taste what we would like to have, but we were put off to re-order again. But in the end, Manager of La Atrium Lahore offered us one complimentary on the house dessert. The Total bill was about Rs: 2800/-  for two.

While coming out we also visited the upper level second restaurant which is Lebanese with open lay out arrangement. It also looked good but we already had our meals to the good or bad of it. We just came out and took our car from the valet back.

We were quite sure in our first feeling that it will be difficult for us to visit this place again. The main core reason remained the taste (or distaste) of the food.

We have already tried many restaurants in the past. We are the true Lahoris who are hard to restrain ourselves to try the new things especially the food.

Upon later reflection, I would also like to express that although our experience is just one off and only based on our own individual opinion. There may be people who may liked the taste to their liking especially the salty side of it and who may have like everything about the restaurant. Although I would say, my expectations from this high end restaurant were bit too high that is why when you experience it and the high expectations are not fully met, it leaves some saltish feelings inside you. Probably that is what may have happened.

Anyway, this may be an opportunity for La Atrium Lahore restaurant management to take into account all kinds of feedback good as well bad.  Anyways, I wish them good luck.


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