Jubilee Hotel Lahore

Jubilee hotel Lahore is equivalent of 2 to 3 star. It is located in downtown Lahore at Mcloed Road. It is a small hotel and offers fair lodging facilities for those business travelers who come to Lahore mostly for business purposes like wholesalers and retailers, who have most of the work requirements in the downtown Lahore and this hotel may suit them well.

Rates: (Approximately)

The hotel will range from Rs: 3000 to 5000/- per night.

(Please check the latest rates updates directly from the hotel)


  • Air conditioned rooms
  • House keeping
  • Telephone
  • Laundry
  • Café

Nearest Attractions:

Due to its location in the downtown, the hotel has easy access to all the facilities which are located there like Hall Road, Mall Road, Anarkali, Brandreth Road, Lahore Railway Station and very famous Lahore Food Street. In addition to that one can also visit the historic places like Lahore Fort, Museum, Badshahi Mosque and Minar-e-Pakistan.

The public transport is easily available around like public Daewoo Bus services or private rickshaw or taxi. Normally rickshaw takes about Rs: 100 to 300 to reach at such places and if you want the taxi you can get it at Rs: 200 to Rs: 1000 depending upon the location and distance and of course the quality of the taxi (how old it is – with AC or without AC).

The uptown Lahore like Gulberg, Cantt, Defence, Garden Town are bit farther away but still the plenty of transport is available to get to any place in Lahore.

The Jubilee hotel Lahore is mostly suitable for those who come from other cities within Pakistan and usually come through railways or bus service. They usually stay for short period for their own work to get done and then leave.

The hotel may not provide good inside variety of activities especially from the family perspectives or for long stay or for just vacation.

For that purpose you may explore other uptown hotels in Lahore.

Contact Info:

92- Mcloed Road, Lahore

Tel: 042 7222361-7227179

Tel: 63666189


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