Johnny Rockets in Lahore

Johnny Rockets in Lahore has finally arrived. This is another American high end fast food franchise brand, which just recently opened in last days of January in Defence, Z block, Phase III. Lahore.

Lahoris are always fond of food and they are always willing to try new things. But this time, there is some change of taste challenge. Johny Rockets is bringing in its own branded taste which I guess may become a challenge for Lahoris to adapt to. Mostly there are beef burgers with different munched beef  recipes.

Secondly, Johny Rocket is on the high end in terms of price. The standard basic burger starts from Rs.750/- and goes up to Rs: 1100/ plus you have to buy the side orders separately - the fries and chips. Your normal bill for two would easily range from Rs. 2000/- plus.

The good side of the story is that it is unique and people with variety of taste buds may like it.  The other interesting thing about Johny Rockets is their service and the staff training who help to amuse you. They are trained to smile and dance on famous American songs from time to time. People while sitting there enjoy the American music and its lively atmosphere.

The initial aunch days were almost full. But in few months time, it will be a real test that how Lahoris have accepted this new taste and to what extent. It is located in big premises. They have occupied three levels. Mostly the seating is in the basement and  on the upper mezzanine level. The ground floor is mostly for the main counters.  Another different thing about Johny Rockets is that they take your order from your seat. And you pay later like in a normal restaurant. Not typical of American fast food. So in a way, they have mixed the fast and slow together to give you the full experience.

If I recollect my experience in Dubai Johny Rockets, it was different setup. There, they have live cooking stations in front of the guests. And whatever you order, they make your customized burger before your eyes. It was kind of interesting, unique and different from other burger chains, where it was all behind the machines. Well here in Lahore, I didn’t feel it much different than the other fast foods except that it was highly priced and yes of course the staff danced. That was not bad.

I guess Johnny Rockets in Lahore may be treated as the designer fast food restaurant with high end style of burgers and taste. So just as designers are not for masses, similarly I feel  Johny Rockets may also be positioning for the elite and selected niche who have a special taste for their burgers and of course special deep pockets too.

I believe it is always difficult to give the verdict as far as food reviews are concerned. Since every person may have different taste buds. What one likes may not of liking to another. So one can only provide the personal experience of taste, not more than that. So it is always best to experience it yourself as far as the food is concerned.


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