Jalalsons Lahore

Jalalsons Lahore has been a brand of its own for about I guess 50 years old. It was in Main Market Gulberg Lahore. It always had a very loyal clientage of its own from old times. They have been doing their business in quite complacency without any further expansion for several years.

The DHA Lahore in the recent past have opened up many business opportunities for many business owners who were complacent with their own past business model. It is largely due to the fact that there is good receptive audience residing within DHA with about 13000 homes and about 200000 of population and mostly with good deep pockets and affordability.

Every business venture and brand is struggling to open up its branch and office in DHA.

That is also one of the reasons that commercial prices are shooting up in DHA Lahore.

Jalalsons Lahore has opened up two major branches in DHA. One is in Phase 3, Z Sector. Just very near & opposite to Gourmet restaurant. This branch is in two levels. The ground level has bakery and the basement which offers grocery merchandise.

Another branch is in Phase 5 main boulevard commercial area. This is a huge set up and very impressive one. The ground level has bakery. The mezzanine floor has the cosmetics & women merchandise. The first & second levels have crockery and other home accessories.

Jalal sons specialty of course has been its bakery items which is its core business model. They offer very fresh baked goods which include breads, pastries, cakes and many more. One new thing they have introduced is fried chicken which is given out fresh and is very good in taste. Personally I like it better than KFC. It has become very popular product. Sometimes you also have to wait in queue to get your order.

Jalal Sons Lahore’s visibility has suddenly increased with opening of their two branches. Its perception has also changed and people residing in DHA Lahore have started using Jalal sons bakery quite often. I know people who even never tried Jalal Sons bakery items before have found Jalal Sons tastier and fresh than other bakeries. The prices are slightly higher than others but that is the price of quality one has to pay.

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