Indian Movie Queen Review

The unexpectedly pleasant Indian Movie Queen!

It was quite unexpected to expect that Indian movie Queen will be worth it. On the contrary,  it is quite entertaining and well made movie. The main actress Kangana Ranaut has been given a role where she could show her best, and she did it. It was totally a kangana dominated movie with a female character in the lead.

The story revolves around a girl who is originally extremely domesticated and timid and lacks confidence. She gets a setback when her fiancés dumps her and walks out on her and cancels the wedding. She is totally flabbergasted and had no clue how to cope up with that. Her parents turn out to be very supportive to understand what she was going through. Out of just reaction, she voiced her desire to go to Paris alone – which was supposed to be her honeymoon destination.  Her parents supporting her psychological state of mind agrees to send her alone for vacation and time out in order to make her feel better.

Though apparently it seemed like a much unexpected plot twist which could have been full of doubts, apprehensions and untoward incidents in store, but on the other hand, the movie takes a very pleasant turn. It starts becoming a very interesting and entertaining journey abroad.

She in her first days remain little cautious and scared, but then gradually she starts encountering all kinds of events. This starts making her feel stronger inside. Besides, there was an addition of few friends which she made abroad, who turn out to be very helpful and cooperative. The movie has many interesting scenes which require to be watched to know more.

The music is just average but overall direction is very good.  It is all through and through female character dominated movie. I guess a good treat for all those young and senior women out there.

Kangana Renaut has acted in few good movies before; she was always marked and considered as a potential and promising talent. However her earlier movies were mostly male dominated, but still she was able to make her place and her presence felt.

I guess this break to her has been very instrumental in her professional profile, even many leading ladies have hardly any movie to their credit which is solely female character dominated.

But this is also a new trend, which seems to be picking up fast now, where female roles are now bold, and strong. Perhaps this theme is going with flow of the current times, or else movie industry is trying to create new trends. It is always a debate similar like chicken and egg.

Anyhow, just watch this Indian movie Queen and enjoy.

  • Release date: March 7, 2014
  • Director: Vikas Bahl
  • Running time: 146 minutes
  • Music composed by: Amit Trivedi
  • Cinematography: Bobby Singh, Siddharth Diwan

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