Growing Real Estate in Lahore

The Most Accommodating and Unbiased City - Lahore

By Atif Munir

Real Estate business is growing day by day in Lahore. This is due to the fact that Lahore is the city which has comparatively less biased and everyone has fair chance to grow and purchase property. I have seen examples in this city where every single property is being purchased by Pakhtuns in certain areas. This is the beauty of Lahore and we should appreciate it straight away. Certain markets are famous due to Pakhtun shopkeepers and people from every class of Lahore do visit those places to buy.

Lahore has grown a lot in recent past and there are so many new societies which have been built in the past and now being populated by the residents with a very good speed.

Property however is a good business if one has enough money in hand and it can be used for a short span of time, this has given returns which are not possible in every business available in the market. I have seen people which keep on working for ten years and have made 1 million savings and similar amount has been added by property in just two years. This is the beauty of property in Lahore.

There are many examples in our surroundings where the people are working in the Middle East, US or Europe and they do have made investments in DHA Lahore, Bahria Town or certain other societies of Lahore. And this is a fact that they have made huge profits. The reason is very simple, Lahore has potential to accommodate new residents and people can settle here without any threat and their investments are safe. There are many people who have doubled their investments in less than 4 years through their investments in Lahore and they keep on investing more in Lahore.

The tip on investing is very simple

1.       Don’t put all the eggs in one basket and go for multiple options in different societies.

2.       Do search some good broker and build good business relations with those people, this is the business which is run on trust like any other business in the country. These brokers will take care of your investments and would call you whenever there is good option available in the market.

One has to trust on someone, otherwise, the investments can’t be made and you will become a vistom of  ‘analysis paralysis’, therefore, go for investments with the consent of someone you can trust and then  see the impact in next six months. This is how, one can enter into this market, and otherwise, if you keep on thinking, it’s difficult to get into this game.

Like any other business there is a chance that your investments are not growing but in all cases the chances are very less that your investment would go down, if those are on ground options. The files are not considered a sound option and are considered gambling similar to the stock market, therefore, it is not recommended. On ground property will not give you a negative impact and it would grow in all cases.

However, one has to be very choosy while selecting the society, all good societies are mostly clean by all types of legal litigation with few exceptions and once the society gets the plot transferred to your name, it’s the responsibility of the society to take care of your investments.

Lahore is the city where Pakhtuns are called with the name `Khan Sahib` and given respect and there is completely unbiased culture especially when it comes to purchase of property. This is why, Pakhtuns have made investments in property and this business has flourished a lot in recent past and still growing. The migrants from Karachi have also impacted this business although that has stopped now due to some current stability there in the ‘city of lights’.

Disney Land Type Park, Orange Train and other projects which are on the government agenda will change the shape of Lahore in next 2-3 years and will benefit the local property associated with those areas. Therefore, these areas are good to invest for next few years. And one should not forget the evergreen DHA, which keeps on booming all the times and have a guarantee in the property sector of Lahore.

Author - Atif Munir

Engineer by Professional and IT Professional, several years of experience with corporate sector. Loves to read and write.

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