Grace Hotel Lahore

Grace Hotel Lahore is located at Nicholson Road Lahore which is closer to Lahore Railway Station.  The hotel provides more than 30 air conditioned rooms.

The hotel typically suites to those who want to travel by train or  bus within Pakistan and mostly the business people community who may have two or three days work in Lahore especially the down town area contacting the  wholesalers and importers.

Rates: (Approximately)

Single Standard Room: Rs: 2500/-

Single Deluxe room: 3500/-

Double Standard Room: Rs: 3000/-

Double Deluxe Room: Rs: 4000/-

(Please check for the latest rate updates directly from the motel)

Conference & Events facilities

Hotel also offers limited facilities for Meetings, Conferences Marriage parties.

More details of the Grace Hotel are provided by the hotel.

Nearest attractions:

The hotel is very in the down town area. So all the down business districts like Brandreth Road, Mcloed Raod, Lakshmi Chowk, Hall Road, Anarkali and the walled city of Lahore are easily approachable.

The affordable local transport like rickshaw, taxi and bus are easily available within the downtown area. However the uptown Lahore is somewhat farther away from this part of Lahore which may take at least 45 minutes to reach areas like Gulberg, Defence etc. But the taxis are available to go anywhere.

Downtown Lahore has its own unique outlook which is nostalgic as well as useful for those who feel connected with its surroundings. The areas are thickly populated with small houses and alleys. The Roads are tight and congested. Most of the time there is rush and overcrowded traffic –which may often consume more time to reach the other end of the road by a transport than by a walk.

But this setting of Grace Hotel Lahore is actually suitable for many who come from Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot and other nearer cities for their two days work in Lahore and then they leave for their hometown.

Contact Info:

25 - Nicholson Road, Lahore

Telephone: 92-42-36300995, 36300991


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