Gourmet Restaurant Lahore

Gourmet restaurant Lahore is just one of the many ventures under the ‘Gourmet’ brand which has become a big brand in Lahore.

Gourmet initially started off with its own small bakery in Ichra Bazzar in 1987. Gourmet’s owner Chaudary Nawaz Chhatta initially worked for Shezan Bakers for eleven years. Then he developed his own vision to open a new chain of bakeries with fine product quality. Gourmet with its vision expanded very fast in the last 10 years time period.

Now there are hundreds of gourmet bakeries all over Lahore, almost in every part.

Gourmet expanded into restaurant business pretty recently after having confident of its success in bakery business. This indeed was a good business sense too.

Some of the two famous gourmet restaurants are now in Johar Town near Akbar Chowk and the other one in Defence Lahore in Z sector, Phase 3.

The restaurant offers very neat & hygienic food. The ambiance is warmly decorated and very practical. Gourmet restaurant offers variety of cuisine. It offers very authentic Pakistani dishes like chicken karahi, chicken ginger, jalfarazi, and some more. Similarly they have same dishes in mutton as well including brain masala. Their chicken kababs offer mouth watering taste. I have tried the Barbecue almost every where in Lahore, but still I find the barbecue in gourmet one of the best. It is always very fresh with excellent taste.

Besides the Pakistani dishes, gourmet also offers the selected continental dishes like chicken & beef steaks as well as Chinese cuisine like egg fried rice, chicken manchurian and few more.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of gourmet restaurants is value for money. It is moderately priced as compared with other high end restaurant in Lahore. Normally on an average it may cost you Rs; 600 to 800 per person, of course depending on what you order and how much you order. It is very much a family restaurant as well as popular with business executives and working people.

The latest restaurant is in Defence Lahore, which actually has some upgraded décor with high aesthetics perhaps suiting to the demographics.

Gourmet restaurants usually don’t reserve tables in advance. They serve on first come first basis. On weekends, the Defence gourmet restaurant is usually overflowing with visitors. And most of the time people have to wait long – upto one hour to get the table..  Though most of Lahoris have tried it somehow, but for those who haven’t, the wait will be worth it.

Contact info:

Gourmet Restaurant Lahore Defence

12 Z Commercial Area, DHA Lahore

Tel: +92-42-356929913


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