Godzilla Movie Review

Godzilla Movie - The fantasy gone wrong!

The Godzilla movie is a good value for money for those who are fond of aliens and ET action movies. The movie is interesting and gripping. Interestingly Godzilla is a hero in this movie who saves the earth from the alien giants and prevents it from further reproduction and multiplying.

The movie begins with the unsettling situation that something is brewing up somewhere and is being hidden as a secret. That is the preservation of the giant alien at one remote secret closely guarded location not known to ordinary people.

The giant eventually gets out of control and gains strength back and destroys the whole facility centre and runs away. The battle starts from there on. He contacts other alien creatures and intends to further multiply. The human power uses all is force to pursue and kill the beast, but they don’t get full success. Human life is now at stake.

They devise a strategy to provoke the Godzilla another giant who now peacefully resides in the deep oceans. Eventually, Godzilla awakens up and starts battle to defeat the alien beasts.

Thereon it has some interesting scenes, and ultimately Godzilla succeeds to win the battle.

Direction, in my opinion is slight weak, as there are no close scenes of fighting between the Godzilla and the beasts. Shots are from medium range and sometimes do not clearly show the action moves properly and closely. The sound effects have done most of the part.

Director: Gareth Edwards

Writers:  Max Borenstein (screenplay), Dave Callaham (story)

Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston | 

Did You Know?

This Godzilla movie originated from a proposed Godzilla film project by Yoshimitsu Bann (the director of 1971's Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster (1971)), tentatively titled "Godzilla 3D to the MAX". In 2005, just months after the release of Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), Banno obtained the rights from Toho to do a new Godzilla film at his Japan-based studio, Advanced Audiovisual Productions, in 3D-IMAX, exclusively for the American public. Toho would act as both technical advisers and distributors for the film in Japan. In it, Godzilla would battle a poisonous, shape-shifting monster called Deathla (a monster similar to Hedorah, only red/purple in color, and has a skull head), which awakened him from his slumber in Iguassu Falls (between Argentina and Brazil). The battle between the two monsters progressively makes its way to Mexico City, and finally, Las Vegas. The story was over-the-top (partly to appeal to younger viewers), and was very strongly along the lines of Banno's "Smog Monster". To produce this film, Banno spent a few years searching for financiers to fund the film, which would be co-produced by Kenji Okuhira and Brian Rogers. (If made, veteran SPFX director Eiichi Asada would've handled the effects.) Eventually, in 2010, Banno struck a deal with Legendary Pictures, which took the project in a completely different direction, with Toho maintaining the same condition as before (technical advisers/distribution in Japan). As a result, both Banno and Okuhira ultimately became the executive producers of this film, with Rogers also as a producer.

Box Office


 $160,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

 $93,188,384 (USA) (16 May 2014)


 $199,019,979 (USA) (18 July 2014)


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