Global Travel Services

Lahore Beat has just launched a special wing – Global Travel Services (GTS) for those who want simplified and precise solutions at one place for all their travel needs and in the most convenient and user friendly way – saving a lot of time and hassle.

We have done extensive research offline and online in order to find some of the best travel partners to offer such turnkey services at one place. So that you can save yourself the research hassle and can get the right offers at one place.

It is interesting and surprising to note that global travel on the web is overcrowded with travel related websites and travel services. There are many big giant companies with millions of dollars budgets as well as thousands of small and medium companies with one or few people operations.

In addition to that there have come up many more niche travel areas like family travel, students/groups travel, Islamic travel, disabled travel, senior citizens travel, women only travel, children travel, country side traveling, cruise travel, rail travel, road travel, and many more types.

However, normally and broadly speaking, there are major three broad categories – Air Travel, Hotels, and Car Rentals.

We are taking our start from these three categories and will gradually expand into more…

Air Travel Deals

It simply means that you should get the best air travel deals or flights tickets from one place to another. You have many choices. You can pick up a phone and ask any travel agent to find for you the air tickets. He will be happy to do that for you.

The other way, now the most popular is to find the best deal yourself on the internet. You can easily do what your travel agent is going to do. Now there is no rocket science attached to it. You can find and compare many airlines and many routes and at different prices. This trend is fast growing, because you can do that in the comfort of your own home or any other place wherever you are in the world provided you have the internet access.

The challenge on the web for the global travel now is which site to select to book your travel from because internet is also now overloaded with this travel related information. But we are here to simplify this clutter for you.

Please Click Here for Air Travel Deals…

Hotel Deals

When you travel away from your home, there are only two choices. Either you will stay with some of your relatives / friends free of cost OR you have to find some good place or hotel to arrange your stay.

Definitely, everyone and every time we don’t have the privilege to find the free accommodation. But if we are little bit smart we can find good hotel deals anywhere in the world.

You again have the two ways to do it. Pick up the phone and ask your travel agent or do it for you or you can do it yourself on the internet – which is the smart and modern way to do it now. You can see the actual hotels and lots of details about the place which your travel agent will not be able to provide you. Even you can get to know about those people who in the past stayed at that place and how they rated it, which your travel agent can have no clue about it.

In order to save you time by doing your own research on the web, we have done that for you and is bringing to you on e of the best in the hotel deals.

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Car Rentals

For many, this area may be optional. Because where you in the world, you can have many options either to hire the car directly from the airport, take a public bus or subway. So there are many choices to choose from and not to worry much about it.

But soon we will also be bringing to you some good deals so that you can do it in advance.


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