Fotojet Review

Fotojet - New Kid on the Block - For Your Online Graphics!

Fotojet is an all-in-one free online tool for photo editing, graphic designing and making photo collages.

With every passing day, month and year, our lives are becoming more and more ‘visuals dominated’. We like to read less but like to watch more. It can be in the form of anything like TV, Theatre, Social media, Internet.  With the changing lifestyles which are more now ‘screen hooked’, there is ever more growing need to create and produce more multimedia works. It can be anything from a simple image to collages, montages, panoramas, banners, infographics, your own edited selfies and much more.

Traditionally, such creative work domain always remained in the hands of big companies with their big branding softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. And that means hundreds of dollars and a long time consuming effort.

This initial traditional trend caused majority of the people left out to express themselves visually in an easy way.

Recently, this has started changing. Many ambitious companies have started to build special offline and online software which are putting the power back into hands of ordinary people like you and me.

Five years back I always wanted to create such interesting graphics, but I still remember the long sessions and more than 3 months of hard work when I opted to learn the Adobe creative suite through one local multimedia institute. The learning though is still with me but I have not used it much practically rather I kept on finding easy tools to do my simple works of infographics and image resizing etc.

With such personal struggle, I have just stumbled upon one online tool which is FREE to use and is totally a new breed of the existing lot. It is very modern, complete, simple and useful. You cannot miss out on anything which you may want for yourself having  any visual ideas about the images.

Whether it’s about your photos, making new themes, montages and collages and infographics, it is simply great and wonderful .

The basics of this online software can provide you with all the standard tools like:

  • Add Text to photos
  • Resize Images
  • Crop Photos
  • Radial & Tilt Shift
  • Photo Enhance
  • Rotate and Flip
  • Photo Filter and Effect
  • Add Clipart on Photos

In addition some of the highlighted features of are:

Collage Maker

It provides powerful collage editing tools and 600+ stunning collage templates, such as birthday collages, anniversary collages, love collages and so on, to help you make your own collages quickly.

Graphic Designing

Designing like a professional designer is possible for you now! Photo design, advertising design, marketing design and so on, all of your needs can be covered by one powerful graphic design tool.

Photo Editor

Rotate, crop and resize your photos for any specific use; fix the colors and lights by applying photo effects such as vintage effects, black and white effects, color effects and so on; convey your feelings by adding text and clipart images to your photos. All these can be done with just a few clicks.

Indeed, Fotojet is a good value addition in online graphic tools. Most interestingly it is FREE to use.

You may explore it yourself and give it try here.

Check it Out Yourself by Clicking Here