Fortress Square Mall Lahore

New Kid on the Block- Fortress Square Mall

Fortress Square Mall in Lahore at Fortress Stadium is finally open, up and running… It has been a long wait for Lahoris.  It is a nice addition to the uptown landscape of Lahore.

It has 4 levels with spacious ground floor. The mall is not huge but it is reasonably medium size as compared with international standards. All the major international and local brands are present including, for women, men and children. In addition there are two main attractions - cinema screens and food court. I have not yet seen any movie in the cinema screen, but it appears to be good. The food court is on the top level with all the major foreign and local chains including my favorite OPTP. 

Recently, I also happened to visit Centaurus Mall in Islamabad which is highly impressive. Fortress Square is less than that in tern of size, magnitude and the mix of brands. I guess the Centaurus Mall has the best food court, I could not think of any food chain which was not there.

Anyway, Fortress Square Mall is good for the local residents of Lahore, who also now have a choice in addition to Mall of Lahore (MOL).  The other interesting feature of Fortress Square Mall is its indoor parking. Well it has both pros and cons. It is convenient if you can find the parking inside, since you will straight away enter the mall from the same level. But otherwise it can give problems if you don’t find it inside, then you may have to park outside at some faraway place. But I guess in shopping mall culture, this is quite common internationally. If people like the mall and like to go there, then it doesn’t matter much where they park. Of course everyone would like to part nearer.

Fortress stadium generally is also known for attracting people from all parts of Lahore especially on weekends. There is quite a footfall on weekends. And there are quite many choices to walk and roam around and variety of food outlets. Fortress Square will now also offer additional facilities in recreation in the secure indoor environment. I guess it is going to attract more footfalls especially during rains and harsh weathers. The mall is fully air conditioned and it will be good treat during summers too.

By all means, the mall is worth visiting. If you are not interested in shopping then no one can stop you from window shopping. And malls are the best places for that.

For more details, you also visit their website : Fortresssquare