Fort View Restaurant Review

Fort View restaurant is a mix of traditional & modern. You find the elevator and you find the 6 levels staircase too. It is basically also a mini hotel with few rooms for the tourists.

The roof top is laid out with the open restaurant setup with remarkable views of Badshahi mosque, Minar Pakistan as well as Lahore Fort.

Fort View is at the last corner of the Food Street. On the ground floor, you will also see some traditional souvenirs if you are in mood for some shopping – which mostly only foreigners or tourists get interested in.

It was adventurous & fun actually to climb up that high and then suddenly see the expansive view of Lahore from all sides.

The roof top is split in further two levels. The highest one goes up through a narrow spiral staircase. But the upper part is the most interesting part which gives an around view.

We ordered some barbecue Chicken kababs, Chicken Boti and the main dishes chicken Handi, the kata kat and Mutton Karachi.

We were a group of 11 people along with kids.

But to our surprise, the service was extremely slow. It took more than a hour to reach our ordered . Secondly, there was an excuse on not delivering the tandoori parathas due to shortage of gas supply. Although the excuse may have been genuine since all Pakistan is suffering from it. But somehow I feel that especially the food outlets & restaurants who are doing it commercially should have some alternative arrangements ready with them like gas cylinders etc.

The taste of food was just Ok – I would give rating of 3 out of 5.

But the good part was the experience of going there and having a beautiful view around restaurant. My son, who is developing a passion for photography, did have some good shots of the view around.

Somehow we enjoyed sitting there for long and didn't much mind the delay in food. Because the view was splendid. These shots were taken from the roof top of Fort View restaurant in Lahore.

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