FiLUMS Lahore

LUMS Lahore hosted International Film Festival named – FiLUMS.

It attracted total of 90 films. 60 were local from Pakistan and 30 international including countries, Mexico, US, Bangladesh etc.

There were 4 categories: Short Movies, Feature Movies, Documentaries and Animations.

Amateurs as well as filmmakers with some experience participated. There were workshops & discussions held during the festival which lasted for three days from 8th Feb to 10 Feb, 2013. It was good learning experience.

Zeeshan Kazmi made Blue Veins – on the theme taken by Saadat Hassan Manto’s story ‘Neeli Ragein’. Zeeshan is a good filmmaker who believes in creating a good deep story with meaning and thought provoking manner. He says, ‘moviemaking is perhaps less of technology and more of psychology’.

Jury consisted of some senior as well as some new TV & Film artistes like  Saleem Sheikh, Behroze Sabzwari, Sania Saeed, Bushra Ansari, Bilal Lashari, Seemi Raheel, Mehreen, and some more.

Pakistani filmmaking, as we know,  has its old roots starting from Lahore in olden days. The film industry has seen lots of downs but only few ups in its long history after India & Pakistan separated. Although earlier it seemed that the initial pool of talent in combined India was quite close. But later India has taken over by leaps & bounds and their film Industry Bollywood now makes around 1000 movies a year. It has made its place internationally and is a big earner industry. Pakistan once also reaped such dreams of naming the industry Lollywood, but it was more of pipe dream and vanished in smoke. Pakistan is nowhere near even calling it an industry.

The filmmaking in Pakistan has been really poor due to lack of talent – good actors, directors, and no appetite for investors to invest money and become producers.

Secondly, there is no proper filmmaking education in technology as well as in art. Since the world has moved much beyond in these arena. The only survival today is that we should learn & educate ourselves with modern form of visual art and the use of technology.

Sadly, even the people who have been associated with Pakistani film industry hardly educated themselves in their field. Even now internet is offering so many learning resources in the art of filmmaking. But hardly anyone in the old generation has any certification in filmmaking.

The good news is that the scene is changing with the new generation, who are now springing up from colleges & universities from the liberal arts departments. NCA has been a forerunner in the arts field, but earlier it has been focusing more on the painting, architecture and fine arts. The media & film studies are also recent phenomenon.

LUMS although primarily positioned as leading business school has done a great job by introducing the International film Festival - FiLUMS. This also gives a good message to all others that individual talents will be recognized.

Now it is the time for people to come forward and show it to the world their ideas, thoughts, feelings and stories by expressing it through the power of cinema.

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