Film Student of the Year Review ...

Karan Johar has directed this film Student of the Year, who is a veteran Director with many blockbusters in his portfolio and who is known for his artistic taste and aesthetics.

In my personal opinion, the most important thing is how film is made or technically directed. It is apt to say that film actually belongs to Director’s vision.

Story line is the same – triangle love story – which might have been in hundreds of films before, but the entertainment value of the film is very high. The interesting scenes, dialogues, music and beautifully directed shots add real colour to the film Student of the Yeart. The new actors both have really done well to their roles.

Two males heroes – one rich & poor guy fall for the same girl. Who will get it was not much of the mystery.

The film Student of the Year does not have many twists & turns and no surprises and no anti climax build up. Yet it has done well and it appeals to your senses with good sequences.

The new girl Alia Bhatt has shown her very confident performance in her debut film. She does have good potential, although this movie could not show much of her acting depth. In just few of the emotional scenes she was seen somewhat struggling to wear the right expressions.

But due to the overall entertainment value of the film Student of the Year, she gelled well with the role.

The movie is a good watch and is worth paying for and you feel rejuvenated for two and half hours and you may also carry some of the hangover for the night.

I would rate the film Student of the Year 3.5 on 5.