Film Skyfall Review...

I finally watched the film Skyfall. In few simple words, I loved it. In some more details, the movie was at its best in terms of its action sequences. You are sitting on the edge most of the movie. But the interesting thing is that James Bond does not use much of gadgets in this film Skyfall. This has been observed specially in Daniel Craig movies. James Bond mostly acts unlike the traditional roles where he takes very good smart help from his gadgets. However, not totally without it, there are three instances where his gadgets work to his advantage. But mostly this James bond (Daniel Craig) relies more on his brains and improvisation sense in the crisis.

The movie hall - DHA cinema Lahore was fully packed even in the second week. But one thing particular to note is that on the average there were more males then females who came to watch the film Skyfall. I thought over it for some time and on that observation concluded in my brain that perhaps the action appeals more to men folk generally than women. Women are more fond of love stories, light hearted movies and family dramas perhaps.

The same was validated when my wife remarked that she didn’t like the movie whereas myself and my two sons found the movie amazing. Well this is my personal observation. It may vary from case to case basis of course.

Sam Mendes the director of the movie has done a brilliant job in giving very detailed action sequences in the film Skyfall.

The movie also has some adult sexual content, since it a James Bond movie and no James Bond movie is basically without that. But in DHA cinema, Lahore, they devised a way to censor it in-house by blacking out those few seconds, which was good because we remained comfortable with our kids throughout the movie.

Naomi Haris, according to me has given just average performance since the role was not that elaborate. Secondly, the new girl – Berenice Marlohe was good but also short performance.

There were two great and detailed action sequences in the film Skyfall - at the start and at the end of the movie. In my personal opinion, the start was just too good. However, the end sequence was very traditional and old fashioned, but I would still say it had its own charm too.

Another interesting part to know is that the title song of the movie is written & sung by Adele – my personal favorite and worldwide hit star who o has provided some of the sweetest melodies and lyrics in her earlier albums.

Overall, I would rate this movie 5 on 5. A must see movie if you like action movies.