Film Barfi Review

The film Barfi is a presentation of pure art form wrapped up in a most interesting & commercial way. This is how I can describe this movie ‘Barfi’ in the shortest possible words. I think it is a brilliant piece of filmmaking. I have read about filmmaking a lot –and have seen lots of films in life.

The difference between a novel & film is usually the presentation in visuals with fewer words and more expressions and actions. On the other hand, novel has to struggle to tell everything in words.

I personally don’t like too chatty movies – which I think go against the grain of true filmmaking. The brilliance comes in using the subtlety with meaning and supplemented by scene in general & communicated by the visuals in particular.

Film Barfi storyline is already based on two main muted characters. I had my doubts before watching the film Barfi about how it can become really gripping and interesting.

The dynamic and vibrant yet muted character of main lead in film Barfi – Ranbir Kapoor really stole the show with his marvelous performance. The story did not drab anywhere, it was gripping to the tee and how many pop corns were spilled on the seat were not known.

Priayanka is in a comparatively a smaller role but of course the next most challenging and gripping performance. The direction & cinematography was at its best. Although music I would not rate very high but it was good enough to go well with the script demands.

Film Barfi is definitely a ‘must see’ movie – be it alone, couple, kids or family. Its complete package movie for all intended audiences which is rare these days to find such a wholesome movie.

The director of movie mr is a veteran in his field and developing his vision so beautifully in ‘Barfi’ has really paid off well.

The producer who largely is an entrepreneur is also to be paised since he took the appetite to invest in such creative and artistic venture with his money.

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