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Fatburger Lahore is a recent addition for Lahore food lovers, who crave variety in everything foody.

Fatburger is a multinational north American chain originally started by Lovie Yancey in Los Angeles with her partner Charles Simpson who opened a Mr. Fatburger Stand in 1952.

BIL Foods brought the Fatburger,  chain of gourmet burgers in Lahore, Pakistan. The first store was opened in Karachi in Dolmen Mall.

Fatburger not only serves up a unique variety of new flavors, it enlivens the entertainment aspect of eating out by combining a cozy ambiance with live cooking and the musical theme. 

The chain also offers space for events ranging from birthday parties to corporate meet-n-greets.

Indeed the new store - Fatburger Lahore - marks the brand’s largest worldwide, spread over a geographical area exceeding 13,000 sq. feet with a capacity to seat more than 200 customers

The Fatburger Lahore was launched through an exclusive preview which featured a theatrical performance by renowned kathak choreographer Adnan Jahangir and his troupe of performers.

It was attended by designers, socialites and media personalities such as; Andrew Wiederhorn – CEO Fatburger International, Amer Kamal – CEO BIL Foods, Saad Ali – CEO PFDC, Maheen Kardar Ali of Karma, Asifa and Nabeel, Munib Nawaz, film actress Noor, TV actor Farooq Hasan, model Natasha Hussain, John Seward – General Manager CCBPL, Saad Kureshi and Salim Ghauri – CEO Netsol. The event was managed by Safeena Enterprises with public relations by Lotus

Fatburger has received numerous international accolades and has been voted Best Burger in Beijing, Dubai, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the past. The fast food chain is also famously known for its strong association with Hollywood, with restaurants abroad regularly frequented by renowned media personalities including Tom Cruise, the Beastie Boys, Terrence Howard and Kate Bosworth among others, of whom some including Kanye West, Queen Latifah and Magic Johnson also have ownership of different international Fatburger franchises

Fatburger’s operations in Pakistan will also contribute significantly to the local economy by generating 300-350 direct employment opportunities, supporting the local industry in sourcing high quality raw materials and facilitating knowledge and skill transfer to the local quick service food industry. The brand currently has 150 stores operating globally with 100 more stores planned to be launched soon.

The CEO Amer Kamal told that Pakistan’s urban population is growing; six major cities represent 30% of the total population of the country, of which merely 10% go for fast food. This figure can easily go up to 40% in the next four years.

“In Lahore, dining out is more of a lifestyle for Lahoris than fashion or status symbol. It is a city filled with food lovers where per capita food consumption is higher than in Karachi, and this is the major reason why we decided to open our flagship outlet right here,” Kamal said.

The franchiser BIL Foods has planned to open a total of five restaurants in Pakistan with a total investment of Rs700 million. After the second outlet in Lahore, the chain will open one store in Islamabad this year and two more next year in Faisalabad and Lahore.

The company has so far spent Rs400 million to establish the two restaurants, of which Rs250 million were spent on Fatburger Lahore outlet. The chain employs 150 people in the two outlets.

Talking about pricing of the meals and combos, the CEO Kamal said that the Fatburger prices its products 15% higher than its competition in Pakistan. Internationally, meals and combos are priced 40% higher.

Fatburger’s management expected to touch Rs2 million sales on its opening day in Lahore compare to Rs1.2 million generated on inauguration of its Karachi outlet.

Asked about his view of Pakistan’s uncertain security situation, Andrew said security being prime concern of every investor was important. He said regions across the world were braving severe social and politico-economic crises. But, he said, despite all odds the people still cold not rid themselves of the pressing need to eat quality food. About Fatburger’s quality standard, Samiullah said the company would import beef for being used in its burgers from the United States while the yellow onions would come from Spain.

To a question on using Pakistani meat, he said there was no organized livestock farming in the country that could provide Fatburger with lean meat of the grain-fed animals the company uses in its burgers.

The Chairman of the group, Mr. Andrew also dispelled the impression that Fatburger’s food items must have a lot of fat saying the lean beef used by the firm had fat next to zero. He said Fatburger never used frozen meat or other stuff be it the beef or other ingredients is used in our burgers. Everything we have is fresh,” he emphasized.

Fatburger Lahore is  located at 16 C-2, M.M Alam road, Gulberg III, over an area of 4 kanals,. BIL foods is a public limited company incorporated in Pakistan, and a subsidiary company of BIL Investments Ltd, a Dubai based company.

Contact Info:

59 C-1, Gulberg-III,
Lahore, Pakistan
Ph: +92-42-35756592-96
Fax: +92-42-35756550
Email: info@bilfoods.com

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