Education in Lahore

When we talk about Education in Lahore, it certainly gives us this advantage to call Lahore also by the name of ‘Education City of Pakistan’.

Lahore has been traditionally known for many good educational institutions. Lahore has been ruled by many empires and of course British too. British laid the foundation of many great educational institutions, which still stand today with its same glory & prestige. Names like;  Aitcheson, Government College Lahore, UET, Convent, St. Anthony, King Edward Medical College, University of the Punjab and many more still enjoy the elite reputation & perception even more hundred years after.

These schools, colleges & universities have still maintained their heritage as well as their quality of education. These are largely still under the control of the Government control and the admissions are really for the best of the best. (Strict merit criteria)

In addition, there have sprung up many more private level schools, colleges & universities- Some of them too are doing great job and have really made their names nationally & internationally. One of the most recognized such name is LUMS.

Here we provide you some of the selected list of schools, colleges & universities in Lahore.

Schools in Lahore

  • Aitcheson Lahore
  • Convent Lahore
  • St Anthony
  • St. Andrews
  • Queen Mary
  • Sacred heart
  • Cathedral
  • Crescent Model School
  • Beacon House
  • Lahore Grammar School - LGS


Colleges in Lahore

  • Government College Lahore
  • FC College Lahore
  • Kinnaird College Lahore
  • Queen Mary College
  • Lahore College for Women
  • Islamia College – Railway Road
  • Islamia College – Civil Lines
  • Dial Sing Mansion College
  • APWA College for Girls


Universities in Lahore

  • University of the Punjab
  • LUMS – Lahore University of Management Sciences
    UMT – University of Management & Technology
  • UCP – University of Central Punjab
  • University of Lahore
  • VU  - Virtual University


Institutes in Lahore

  • APTECH – Computer Training
  • Arena Multimedia – Multimedia courses certifications


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