Donar Kebab Lahore in DHA 

Check Out the new taste with Donar Kebab Lahore!

Donar Kebab Lahore in DHA is a German food chain which was recently opened in Lahore Defence, Y Sector, just opposite McDonalds.

It is a kind of fast food but not containing burgers or sandwiches but they have their own unique list of menu which includes various kinds of breads filled with chicken as well as mutton and beef with different sauces and salads. It is closer to the concept of Arabic shawarma.

The making of these donar kebabs is quick and is considered fast food. You have to pay first to get your meal just like in any fast food chain.

Now comes the taste of Donar Kebab. Personally, it was not my cup of tea. Well, it is suggested for others to try it themselves. But I express  my comments based on my experience only, since it just did not suit my taste buds. I tried their special mutton bread Donar Kebab which was quite heavy duty, but the mutton just felt quite hard it was becoming difficult even to chew and digest it. The result was that I had to leave it after some bites. I also tried the chicken filled Donar Kebab which was slight better for my taste but again was not that tender and tasty.

The prices are slightly on the higher side. It will be easily be around Rs.700 per person considering the fact that you are getting a kind of fast food.

The restaurant is large with two levels, ground and upper. The upper part is nice which gives you a very good view of Sheeba Park and Mcdonalds.

The d├ęcor is nice, more on the western side. The service is good. The only flip side for me was the taste which I guess is quite personal as far the food business is concerned, though everything was very hygienic and meticulous.

In my opinion, it seems that Donar Kebab will have to struggle to make its place in Lahore and especially in Defence, Lahore since it is offering now cuisine with new taste. I guess in Germany and other parts of the world Donar kebab is quite famous. People have started liking the taste of it. In Lahore, since people are mostly hooked on to Desi, Chinese, and Burgers. The concept of Donar Kebab may take some more time to make its place on the taste buds of the people. According to my perspective, it is a bold initiative by the investors and business persons behind it who have taken this risk to bring a new concept to people of Lahore.

Though in the initial days, I could not see much of people getting attracted to Donar Kebab, when we visited, there was only us on the upper floor, and one family on the ground floor. Well, that may be due to early evening when we went there or any other factors. But generally it was felt that Donar Kebab did not attract hordes of people in the beginning. Probably, Donar Kebab Lahore at this time may require more of promotion thrusts since many people in Defence as well as in Lahore are still not aware of this food chain.

We wish Donar Kebab good luck for their future.

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