Do What You  Are - Book Review

Do What You Are... Is it really possible...

He Longed To become a Movie Star

But never could…

He kept working in a bank for the last 15 years, since he did what had the best prospects in life – MBA in Finance and a job in bank and he accomplished it in his mid twenties. Life was as per the plan.

But something always bothered him and his mind would wander away to things far & beyond – the art world, the movies, music & writing. He never understood why it happened like that and always felt guilty amongst his peers in Finance & bankers community.

Sometimes he would talk about crazy ideas about making a song – and he would just receive few laughs nothing more than that.

The discomfort of such feelings and aspiration making him dissatisfied with the job started increasing with the passing years. He started becoming irritated, frustrated and his performance at work started affecting. Although he always dreamed of excelling in work place but could not.

His mind was fast becoming a ‘Hotch Potch’ – (confused mixer)

Somehow he continued with his habit of reading in his spare time. Sometime he wrote a bit of poetry too.

Once while browsing a bookstore, his eyes turned to one book ‘ Do What You Are’ – he studied it  for some part there – and found it very gripping. He bought it and finished it reading in just next three days.

His life was never the same again. He felt he found the missing link in his life. This one book helped him to self discover himself and eventually realized that his personality type was never a perfect fit for a job in Finance or in a bank.

He had inherited a different DNA in his genes. He felt pity for many others on this earth who just don’t know who they truly are and keep living with that discomfort & frustration all of their lives ending up below average or mediocre performance in their work life.

One book has changed his life forever. Well it is bit too clichéd and impractical to state, but I just cant help it to say because it did.

My words to share this story may not be enough. You have to experience it yourself.

This book is not only to my liking in exclusivity – It is a worldwide bestseller for many years. It is available worldwide in every leading bookstores offline & online.

Since Amazon is the leader – I will recommend checking it out there.

Do What You Are – USD 25/-

It will simply renew your understanding about life and about your self and what is right for you to find the real satisfaction.

What it is About:

This book actually talks about discovering your true personality according to 16 personality types. You may be one of those 16 personality types. This will start providing the missing answers, why you think the way you think, why you act the way you do, and why you have special aspirations, longings for certain things perhaps not achieved.

This book will try to unfold you to your surprise in such a detail you will feel bewildered at times that how come someone knows you so well, not even you’re closest of the persons near you.

I with all of my weight recommend hands down for this book. It just can only add more value to your life. The subtraction in your life will only be USD 15/- 

The lifetime value addition will be 100 times more.

Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type

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