DHA Lahore Phase 7 Review

DHA Lahore Phase 7 is one of the hot areas to invest as well as to get settled in your new home soon.

DHA has already successfully built from phase 1 to phase 5. So talking about the development from DHA perspective – Phase 1 to Phase 5 are already completed and available for possession to build homes. Phase 8 also is available for construction which was actually ex Park View & Air Avenue. The additional phase 8 land is still requiring to be developed.

So now most of the focus is on DHA Lahore Phase 7. The development works have already started. Phase 7 is just adjacent to Phase 6. Although the land of Phase 7 stretches far off till the BRB canal, which apparently may seem somewhat discouraging on the face of it. But I guess it is not like that. It was the same with DHA phases 1-5 when they started 30 years ago. People used to think of it just outside Lahore. But now this has become the most posh and pricey community for Lahore. So all those who have been allocated plots in Phase 7, they should have bigger heart and rejoice that it will be rewarded soon.

The development in Q, R, S,T & U have already started. Electrification work in sectors Q, R, S, and T has been completed and is currently underway in sector U, V, W & X. After providing the electricity soon in sectors Q, R, S, T & U, the possession of these sectors will be opened.

The infrastructure development works of sector V, W, Y and Z are also now at full swing and likely to be completed within a year

Phase 6 & Phase 7 both are on the other side of Bedian Road. People traveling from Phase 1-5 will first touch upon the Bedian road to cross it and then enter the Phase 6 & Phase 7.

DHA Phase 7 is also built on most modern lines – underground wiring, parks, mosques, spacious roads, plantation as well as its dedicated sports & club facilities.

Currently, the price range is from Rs: 45 to 70 lacs for one kanal plot depending upon the location of the plot.

Although its already touching its peak because of developmental works, but it will continue to move higher little bit more to reach its peak of one crore as soon the phase gets developed and open for constructing houses.

So it’s still not a bad option to invest even if you plan to build your own future home in DHA Lahore Phase 7. I guess this phase should be all ready in 3 years time.

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